Alaskan Bush People: Raiven Brown shares 29-week pregnancy update, reveals why she’s nervous

Bear and Raiven Brown.
Raiven Brown hits an exciting milestone with her current pregnancy. Pic credit: Discovery

Alaskan Bush People star Raiven Brown has plenty to celebrate in her second pregnancy, and one particular milestone includes making it to the 29-week mark.

The brunette beauty currently shares a 2-year-old son River with her husband, Bear Brown, and the couple is now anxiously awaiting the arrival of their second child in early 2023.

Raiven announced the excitement of her third pregnancy back in June with a sweet TikTok video showing her positive pregnancy test.

At the time, Raiven opened up about her previous miscarriage and the immense fear it could cause.

However, she shared that she hoped that through sharing her story, she could help normalize discussions around the pain of miscarriages.

“I hope that our rainbow baby is born happy and healthy. Every baby deserves to be celebrated and loved no matter how far along someone is,” she noted to PEOPLE at the time.

As she approached the monumental 29th week of pregnancy, Raiven took the time to share another video with her followers on social media, expressing her gratitude for just how far she’s come.

Alaskan Bush People star Raiven Brown opens up about hitting 29-week pregnancy milestone

Taking to her TikTok account, Raiven shared an adorable video clip of herself cradling and pointing to her growing baby bump.

The clip was set over the popular song Turning Page by Sleeping At Last.

As the lyrics gently played, “I’ve waited a hundred years, But I’d wait a million more for you,” Raiven smiled sweetly, reveling at her baby bump.

Taking to the post’s caption, Raiven explained why reaching 29 weeks in her current pregnancy was such a big moment.

“Had an abruption at 29 weeks with my first son. So this week is a little nerve racking for me, but im so thankful. #29weekspregnant #alaskanbushpeople,” she wrote.


Had an abruption at 29 weeks with my first son. So this week is a little nerve racking for me, but im so thankful. #29weekspregnant #alaskanbushpeople

♬ Turning Page – Sleeping At Last

Raiven and Bear tied the knot despite rocky relationship drama

Although both Raiven and her husband Bear are thrilled and grateful to be expecting another baby, their relationship hasn’t been smooth sailing.

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, the couple have split and reconciled on numerous occasions before finally deciding to tie the knot in January 2022.

Back in April 2022, a no-contact order that was in place between the couple was dropped by Raiven despite Bear having been arrested for Domestic Violence against her.

At the time, she said she wanted to focus on the well-being of their family and move forward.

It looks like both Bear and Raiven are making good on that promise as they await their little one’s arrival.

Alaskan Bush People airs Sundays at 8/7c on Discovery.

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Joe Aleman
Joe Aleman
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Do The Browns actually live on the mountain?