Alaskan Bush People’s Bear and Raiven Brown expecting second child

Raiven and Bear Brown from Alaskan Bush People
Raiven and Bear Brown from Alaskan Bush People. Pic credit: Discovery UK/YouTube

Raiven Brown shocked her Alaskan Bush People fans when she revealed that she and Bear Brown are expecting their second child.

The news came via TikTok before she also shared it on her private Instagram account.

Here is what we know about the new Alaskan Bush People baby so far.

Raiven Brown announces pregnancy

Raiven went to TikTok and posted two videos. The first showed sets of hands resting on each other.

The first set of hands moved and then the second set moved. Finally, what was likely River’s hands moved away and it revealed the pregnancy test that showed a positive result.

The positive test was then shown on top of a rope toy, showing that Raiven and Bear Brown were expecting.

She captioned the video with “tag the creator of the idea if you know them :).”


#alaskanbushpeople #fyp#pregnant tag the creator of this idea if you know them :)

♬ Turning Page – Sleeping At Last

Raiven then immediately followed up the post with another TikTok video. This time there was no caption outside of hashtags.

However, she was looking at the camera and then smiled and showed off her positive pregnancy test before turning sideways and showing what appeared to be a newly developing baby bump.

Raiven says Bear Brown wants a little girl

Raiven also responded to a commenter who posted that maybe it will be “a girl bear this time.”

Raiven responded, “Lol a girl bear?”

The person responded she meant it nicely – “a pretty little girl, or another handsome son.”

That is when Raiven responded, “would be happy with both :) I think bear slightly wants a girl lol.”

Raiven TikTok
Pic credit: @raiv3n_br0wn/Tiktok

Raiven talks about letting Alaskan Bush People fans know so early

Raiven also posted about why they let the Alaskan Bush People fans know so early on in their pregnancy. She mentioned that other people announced her pregnancy with River and they wanted to be the ones to announce it this time.

However, Raiven said she and Bear were very excited and wanted to remain transparent with people who have been so supportive of them.

raiven IG
Pic credit: @raiv3n_br0wn/Instagram

“We are still super early so it’s a bit of a scare sharing this early. But I really want to be transparent with you all! You’ve been so supportive with all we’ve gone through,” Raiven wrote.

“I am so excited for river to be a big brother. We are praying this baby sticks! Last time people announced my pregnancy with river. This time I wanted us to say it in our own way. Without fear it was going to be leaked. We pray that we have our little rainbow baby! All your prayers would be greatly appreciated.”

Alaskan Bush People is on hiatus. There is no word on when, or if, the reality TV show will return to Discovery.

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