Alaskan Bush People kids pay tribute to ‘inspirational’ mom Ami Brown on her first birthday since cancer fight

Ami Brown shown in a video clip from Alaskan Bush People
Alaskan Bush People siblings Rain and Bear Brown said having Ami Brown around to celebrate her birthday, following her cancer battle last year, was “awesome”. Pic credit: Discovery

Alaskan Bush People siblings Rain and Bear Brown have paid tribute to their mom Ami Brown as she celebrated her first birthday since her lengthy and difficult cancer fight last year.

Both Rain and Bear appeared in a short video clip on Instagram to wish their mom, Ami, a happy 55th birthday on Tuesday. Ami Brown’s birthday this year marks her first birthday free of late-stage lung cancer.

The youngest Brown family daughter, Rainy, 15, along with the third oldest Brown family brother, Bear, 31, made the video just to say happy birthday to their mom. They also took the time to acknowledge just how “awesome” and amazing it is to still have their mother around.

Fans of Alaskan Bush People joined in the birthday celebration to also wish Ami Brown a happy birthday and many more birthdays to come in the comments.

Just last year, Ami Brown was given a very low chance of even surviving her stage four lung cancer diagnosis. The Brown family left the Alaskan Bush to reside in California with Ami in a nearby hospital as she underwent radiation and chemotherapy treatment.

Ami Brown’s long-term cancer prognosis was not known, which also left the fate of the Brown family’s Discovery Channel reality TV series, Alaskan Bush People, unknown.

In another clip, posted on Bear’s Instagram channel, Rain called her mom the “most wonderful” and “inspiring” woman she had ever met.

The Brown family matriarch managed to beat her dire lung cancer diagnosis and received good news late last year that her lung cancer was officially gone. In a recent interview, Ami Brown did say that she still tires easily, but she is doing well and gaining back her weight and her hair.

Alaskan Bush People fans offered prayers for Ami’s recovery to continue in the comments section of the happy birthday videos.

Rain Brown wrote a long birthday tribute to her mom as the caption on her video, saying that Ami Brown inspires her and means the world to her. Rain also wrote that she would be lost without her mom.

The nine members of the Brown family have gone through a lot of changes in just the last year. A new season of Alaskan Bush People aired on the Discovery Channel this month with the Brown family now living in Washington state. Noah Brown, 26, the youngest of the five Brown brothers, also recently got married to his longtime girlfriend, Rhain Alisha.

Two new episodes of Alaskan Bush People, Season 8, air on the Discovery Channel this Sunday, September 2, starting at 8 pm ET.

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