Alaskan Bush People daughters vow to #staypositive as mom Ami Brown battles cancer

Alaskan Bush People's Rain and Bird Brown
Alaskan Bush People’s Rain and Bird pull faces as they pose together. Pic: @heroofkirrkwell/Instagram

Ami Brown’s daughters Rain and Snowbird have posed together in an emotional photo — showing how they are trying to stay positive as their mom battles cancer.

The pair are seen in the picture pulling funny faces as they sit on a garden hammock, with Rain posting a message alongside the photo on her Instagram saying: “When life is serious but your faces aren’t ??.”

She then added a string of hashtags summing up her outlook, including “#staystrong”, “#staypositive” and “#stayhappy”.

Rain has used the hashtags on several recent posts. Another, posted yesterday, showed a picture of a sign on a door, reading: “Beware: Opening this door may cause severe bouts of happiness.”

She wrote alongside it: “YES PLEASE! #staystrong #stayhappy #staypositive #happiness.”

Rain recently revealed in messages to fans how she was trying to remain positive despite her mother’s illness. It came after she was trolled by people online who had criticized her for smiling in photos.

We told earlier this week how Ami has reportedly finished her current course of chemotherapy. She and the rest of the Brown family are in California at the moment, after moving there from Alaska so she could undergo treatment.

They later plan to move to Colorado to set up a new permanent home. It has not yet been revealed whether Alaskan Bush People is set to return for Season 8.

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