Alaskan Bush People cast could be moving to Colorado soon, as Gabe Brown posts big hint

Alaskan Bush People cast
The cast of Alaskan Bush People, who it’s thought will be moving to Colorado soon

The Alaskan Bush People cast could be moving to Colorado soon — after Gabe Brown posted a big hint that the family are set to leave California.

Most of the Browns have been in Los Angeles since early last year so matriarch Ami could undergo treatment for cancer. She was last month revealed to be cancer-free, after leaving doctors stunned with her progress.

That would pave the way for the family to move to Colorado to set up their new permanent home, which was revealed to be their plan at the end of last season of Alaskan Bush People.

What suggests the Alaskan Bush People cast are about to move?

Now son Gabe has posed a big hint on social media that the family could be about to up sticks and move from the Beverly Hills home they’ve been living in. He posted a picture of himself sitting in the sun, and wrote a caption talking about some of the things he would miss about LA.

He said: “Some of the things I will miss about LA #1 occasionally seeing move stars #2 sun tanning #3 we have and made some really good friends.”

Where will the Browns be moving to?

The Alaskan Bush People cast moved to Los Angeles following Ami’s diagnosis, and at the same time decided that they would leave their Alaskan “Browntown” homestead for good.

But it was revealed on the Season 7 finale that they later planned to move to Colorado, with footage showing them travelling to a 40-acre plot of land in the state which he heard about from a friend.

Will they all be moving?

Most of the family will be moving to Colorado, although son Noah previously revealed on the show that he would not be. It’s thought Bam Bam Brown will also be living separately, as he has recently been renovating a boat with girlfriend Allison Kagan, which it’s believed they plan to live on. However, there is some speculation that they are also working on a new TV project.

Will there be an Alaskan Bush People Season 8?

It has not yet been confirmed whether there will be an Alaskan Bush People Season 8, but check back to our Alaskan Bush People page regularly as we’ll post an update as soon as we know.

If the show does go ahead, it is not known if it will retain the same name or whether that could change to Colorado Bush People.

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