After postponing their wedding, Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams are in no rush to get married

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams take a selfie together
Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams have pushed back their wedding twice. Pic credit: @Sarahhyland/Instagram

Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland have pushed back their wedding date multiple times due to the coronavirus pandemic and it looks like it won’t be happening anytime soon.

The Modern Family actress spoke to E! on November 5 during the launch of her brand Sourse’s Beauty Bites and Mood Bites. She recalled the beginning of the pandemic, saying, “As soon as we went into lockdown I was like, ‘We’re not getting married this year.”

Sarah claimed her fiance Wells thought she was being negative, however, she said she was just being realistic.

Wells and Sarah have pushed their wedding date back twice

They have already pushed their wedding date back twice, and when asked about their future plans, Sarah responded, “So next year? I don’t know. I have absolutely no idea anymore. I would like next year. I know I said last year if we’re not getting married next year it’s never going to happen, but now I’m saying that about next year.”

The actress and her Bachelor Nation star fiancé are in no rush to get down the aisle, with Sarah saying, “We’ve got time.” She claimed they are just wanting everybody to be safe, and hoping for a “fully vaccinated wedding” next year.

If all else fails, Sarah said they may just elope! Wells, however, doesn’t appear to know anything about that, with Sarah saying, “I don’t even think he knows that. I’m just going to say that. We’re just going to fly to Greece! Have a little vacation, get married.”

Sarah and Wells have been engaged since 2019

The pair have been engaged since 2019 when Bachelor Nation’s favorite bartender proposed in true Bachelor style — on a beach! Though Chris Harrison, the wood platform, and the podium were thankfully nowhere to be found.

In July 2020, Sarah commemorated their engagement anniversary with an Instagram photo of her ring, and the caption, “One year engaged to my best friend. So grateful to be quarantined with the love of my life. One day we’ll get married, but for now, I’ll take eating junk food and Netflix all day every day. I love you to Pluto and back baby.” 

In January, Wells discussed wedding plans on the Click Bait with Bachelor Nation podcast, saying if they are unable to get married in a big wedding due to the pandemic, perhaps they will elope in Las Vegas. He said, “If this thing continues and we’re not able to do it, we’ll do a courthouse. I’m really pushing for Vegas — powder blue suits, Elvis officiant.”

Let’s hope this adorable twosome can get married in the wedding of their dreams soon; maybe Chris Harrison, the (former) official officiant of Bachelor weddings, will officiate? Officially?

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