AEW wrestling star reveals he tried out for The Voice

Marko Stunt in AEW
Marko Stunt in AEW. Pic credit: TNT

AEW Wrestling has wrestlers who are no strangers to reality TV.

Cody and Brandi Rhodes not only have their own reality TV show on TNT in Rhodes to the Top, but Cody is also one judge from the Go Big Show, also on TNT.

Miro has experience from the WWE reality TV show Total Divas, which featured his wife Lana.

There is even a champion in the company who was a fan-favorite from Big Brother in Luchasaurus. This is Austin Matelson, who finished fifth in season 17.

Luchasaurus is one-half of the tag team champions in AEW with Jungle Boy, who is Jack Perry, the son of the late Beverly Hills 90210 and Riverdale actor Luke Perry.

There is a third person in their faction named Marko Stunt, and now Stunt wants to be a reality star too.

Marko Stunt trying out for The Voice

Marko Stunt took to Twitter to announce that he had sent in an audition take to The Voice.

“Just sent in my stuff for this round of The Voice,” Marko wrote. Could take a couple weeks to hear back, but I’m excited to be taking this journey, and I’m excited to keep you guys updated! Things have been weird lately, but seeing you all support me, regardless of what’s going on is amazing.”

Marko Stunt Twitter
Pic credit: @realmarkostunt/Twitter

Marko Stunt hasn’t been on AEW TV for a few weeks, and the last time he actually wrestled was on September 29, 2021.

However, he kept coming to the ring with Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy until recently.

It is not clear what Stunt meant by “things have been weird lately.”

Marko Stunt is still under contract and is still being paid by AEW.

In response to his announcement, Jungle Boy Jack Perry wrote “let’s go!” while fellow AEW wrestler Evil Uno responded to the news as well.

Marko Stunt Twitter
Pic credit: @realmarkostunt/Twitter

In more encouraging comments, John Piermarini, one of the casting producers from Americas Got Talent responded that “If that doesn’t work out. DM me so we can set you up for @AGTAuditions.”

Marko Stunt Twitter
Pic credit: @realmarkostunt/Twitter

Marko Stunt as a singer

Marko Stunt is not just trying a stunt casting here.

Marko grew up in a missionary family with a father who was a preacher. He sang with the church and went on in his teen years to see some success as a singer.

He won a school talent show and had some minor success doing guitar covers of songs on YouTube that his parents uploaded for him.

The Voice is on hiatus and should return to NBC in late 2022. AEW has Dynamite on TBS on Wednesday nights and Rampage on TNT on Friday nights at 8/7c.

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