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Who is Luchasaurus in AEW: Everything you need to know about Judas Devlin

Who is Luchasaurus in AEW: Everything you need to know about Judas Devlin
Luchasaurus had an interesting career before he made his way to AEW. Pic credit: AEW

One of the biggest fan-favorite moments at AEW Fight for the Fallen last night was the three-way tag team match that included the team of Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy.

Nicknamed as A Boy and his Dinosaur, the team went over with the fans in a big way as Jungle Boy was energetic and exciting to watch while Luchasaurus was a giant monster of a man who could move like a luchador.

We have already revealed that Jungle Boy is Jack Perry, the son of the late Beverly Hills 90210 actor Luke Perry. Here is everything you need to know about Luchasaurus.

Who is Luchasaurus?

Luchasaurus’s real name is Austin Matelson, but most wrestling fans know him as Judas Devlin.

Judas actually got his start in WWE, working in their FCW developmental territory from 2012-14 around the same time that it morphed into NXT.

Judas Devlin feuded in FCW with men like CJ Parker  (Juice Robinson in NJPW) but when NXT was formed, Devlin worked mostly house shows until WWE released him after suffering a hip injury.

Judas then showed up in Big Brother during its 17th season under his real name — Austin Matelson. He placed fifth and was eliminated in Week 12.

In 2016, Judas showed up in Lucha Underground.

Like everyone in Lucha Underground, Judas had an over-the-top gimmick and an elaborate story. He worked under the name Vibora as part of the Reptile Tribe, winning the Trios Championship.

He even went on to beat Johnny Mundo (John Morrison from WWE) before Mundo ended up killing him via decapitation with a sword.

The Reptile Tribe is what led Judas to take on the role of Luchasaurus, as it continued the same sort of mannerisms in his gimmick.

The debut of Luchasaurus

Judas made his Luchasaurus debut in Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore in November 2017 and actually won both matches — the second match a three-way including NXT superstar Matt Riddle and Impact Wrestling star Willie Mack.

After working the indies, he signed with All Elite Wrestling and was placed in the tag team with Jungle Boy.

The two had a nice run on the Being the Elite YouTube show as A Boy and his Dinosaur.

All Elite Wrestling returns on August 31 with AEW All Out.