Abigail Heringer gives advice to future Bachelor in Paradise couples

Abigail Heringer
Abigail Heringer gives advice. Pic credit: ABC

Abigail Heringer, who has shared her story about her hearing loss and cochlear implants, appeared on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise Season 7.

While Abigail and Noah called it quits during Season 7 in Mexico, the two are still going strong today as they rekindled their romance off camera once they were home from filming the show.

As Abigail was asked questions from fans, she responded to one in particular who asked if she had any advice for couples coming off the show together.

Abigail Heringer gives BIP couples’ advice

When asked during a fan Q&A if she had any advice for future BIP couples, Abigail stated, “The time before the show airs is special. Enjoy the privacy before the craziness! See each other as much as you can and solidify your relationship before the world has access to it.”

Abigail went on to say, “The show airing was the hardest part for me. People had opinions, psychoanalysis, and criticized me and our relationship based on an edited show. I took it too personally.”

Abigail relayed how Noah helped her through these times

While Abigail had a hard time, sometimes worrying about what other people thought and said about her relationship with Noah, he had a different perspective.

Abigail stated, “Noah always said, ‘It’s our relationship and our life, who cares what other people think?’ and that’s always stuck with me. So I guess my advice would be to try to block out the noise as much as possible and just enjoy this exciting new chapter with your person!”

Abigail and Noah Erb’s BIP relationship

Although Abigail and Noah broke up ahead of the BIP Season 7 finale, the two were able to work out their differences and got back together after filming ended.

However, after they split up on the show, the duo realized they wanted to try out their relationship away from the cameras and out of the spotlight a little more.

Since they were on Bachelor in Paradise, Abigail and Noah have fallen more in love. They have each posted videos and photos on Instagram to show how much they have grown and flourished in their relationship since BIP aired.

Now Bachelor Nation fans are waiting for the couple to get engaged and announce the news of a proposal as time goes on.

Bachelor in Paradise premieres Tuesday, September 27th, on ABC.

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