Abbie Grace Burnett and John-David Duggar join family at resale event, purchase Gracie new car seat

John and Abbie on Counting On.
John-David Duggar and Abbie Grace Burnett buy Gracie a new car seat. Pic credit: TLC

Abbie Grace Burnett showed off her trip to the fall resale event. 

Each time Rhea Lana’s of NWA holds an event, the Duggar women go all in to shop and get things they need for their growing children. 

Jessa, Jill, Kendra Caldwell, and some of the other Duggar women shared their finds on social media in the past. 

This year, Abbie is along for the ride and scored a new car seat for Gracie Duggar. 

New car seat for Gracie 

Counting On fans were shocked to see that Gracie Duggar was still in her infant carrier car seat earlier this month. It popped up in Jedidiah Duggar and Katelyn Nakatsu’s pregnancy announcement video. The couple was babysitting their niece, and she was traveling in her infant carrier. 

On her Instagram story, Abbie Grace Burnett shared a selfie of herself and her husband, John-David Duggar. She also shared a photo of Gracie in her new Graco car seat. 

John and Abbie bought Gracie a car seat.
Pic credit: @johnandabbie/Instagram

Who else joined Abbie Grace Burnett and John-David Duggar at the resale event? 

John-David Duggar and Abbie Grace Burnett weren’t the only two Duggar family members who turned out to shop. 

Jessa Duggar shared a series of photos on her Instagram story as well and showed off what she picked up from the event. Ivy Jane Seewald even showed off one of the Mathilda Jane dresses Jessa snagged for her. 

Ivy Jane's new dress.
Pic credit: @jessaseewald/Instagram

Kendra Caldwell also took to her Instagram stories and revealed she attended the sale. She shared a photo from inside the event and then some of what she purchased. Kendra has three little ones and picked up clothing for all of them. 

Kendra's photo of Rhea Lana.
Pic credit: @littlerduggarfamily/Instagram

The resale event runs from Sunday, September 19 through Saturday, September 25. It appears as though the Duggar family members shopped early. Usually, with events like these, if people take a shift to work the event, they can shop ahead of the opening and choose the items they want before anyone else has a chance. 

It looks like Jessa, Kendra, and Abbie made out pretty well with the sale. Gracie appeared to enjoy her new car seat as well. Shopping consignment is one of the main tips the Duggars use to cut back expenses, especially with multiple children who need new clothing. 

Buy used and save the difference is one of the mottos Michelle Duggar has used over the years, and it looks like her children took notice and are following in her footsteps.

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