Aaron Clancy explains how he met Genevieve Parisi as fans continue to question if the two slept together

Aaron Clancy
Aaron Clancy reiterates his platonic relationship with Genevieve Parisi. Pic credit: ABC

Aaron Clancy and Genevieve Parisi have raised many questions from fans ever since The Bachelor Season 26 villain Shanae Ankney accused the two of sleeping together.

Aaron and Genevieve have often had to shut down rumors about the nature of their relationship as fans continue to speculate.

Recently, Aaron took some time once again to break down the extent of his connection with Genevieve after a fan asked about their intimacy.

Aaron Clancy details how he met Genevieve Parisi 

Aaron Clancy allowed fans to ask him loads of questions on his Instagram Stories, and he gave his honest answers to fans’ pressing inquiries. 

One fan bluntly asked, “Did you and Genevieve have sex?” 

Aaron responded, saying, “Guys, I’ve addressed this. No, we did not. That’s just a rumor.”

Aaron Clancy's Instagram story
Pic credit: @aaronclancy/Instagram

Aaron recounted how he met The Bachelor Season 26 star Genevieve Parisi and detailed their brief exchange. 

Aaron stated, “I met her once at a bar. We shared maybe a couple sentences with each other.” 

After Shanae made the shocking claim that Aaron and Genevieve were physically intimate at the Women Tell All, Aaron and Genevieve were then seen sitting together in the audience during the finale of Clayton Echard’s season. 

Aaron and Genevieve sitting together on After the Final Rose led fans to think that perhaps Shanae’s accusation had some validity, but both Aaron and Genevieve shut down the rumors and revealed their seats were assigned. 

In Aaron’s recent AMA, he again explained why he was sitting next to Genevieve, saying, “and then I sat next to her at After the Final Rose because of the drama. That’s it.” 

Aaron Clancy answers question about Bachelor in Paradise 

Aaron’s connection, or lack thereof, with Genevieve, wasn’t the only thing fans were curious about. 

One fan asked, “Are you the new paradise bartender?!?!” 

Aaron briefly laughed at the question and replied, “Wouldn’t that be something.” 

Aaron Clancy's Instagram story
Pic credit: @aaronclancy/Instagram

Aaron made quite an impression on Bachelor in Paradise, with many viewers declaring him a leader on the island and also praising his bromance with James Bonsall. 

While it seems Wells Adams would likely reprise his role as the long-time Bachelor in Paradise bartender, some are hopeful to see Aaron return and take a more prominent role on the summer spinoff. 

Time will tell if Aaron will join the Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 cast for a second shot at love on the island.

Would you like Aaron to become the new bartender on Bachelor in Paradise? 

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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