Aaron Clancy asks if he’s the drama after Shanae Ankney accuses Genevieve Parisi of sleeping with him

Genevieve Parisi and Shanae Ankney
Shanae Ankney accuses Genevieve Parisi of sleeping with Aaron Clancy. Pic credit: ABC

Clayton Echard’s contestants weren’t the only Bachelor Nation members dragged into the onstage drama.

Bachelor in Paradise’s Aaron Clancy jumped in with a message to Shanae Ankney after she accused him of sleeping with Genevieve Parisi while in the hot seat.

Aaron Clancy denies Shanae Ankney’s claim that he slept with Genevieve Parisi

Genevieve and Shanae shared the hot seat in the chaotic Women Tell All special last night while rehashing their confrontation on the dreaded two-on-one date.

Despite Shanae’s history of shocking both the women and Bachelor fans, no one was prepared for her claim that Genevieve had slept with Katie Thurston’s contestant, Aaron Clancy.

“When you got eliminated, you go home and f**k Aaron from Katie’s season,” Shanae blurted out to a blindsided Genevieve.

Aaron took to his Instagram to join Genevieve in vehemently denying the accusation.

“So catching up, watching the Women’s Tell All – watching The Batman so missed the first part of this – but what the f**k am I even watching? This is literally so f**king stupid,” Aaron said on his Instagram story.

Aaron Clancy
Pic credit: @aaronclancy/Instagram

“You should of just kept talking about shrimp,” he added. “It was honestly less stupid.”

Shanae implied that Genevieve wasn’t as invested in Clayton as she was by comparing their reactions to getting eliminated. Shanae said that while she was grieving and struggling to function, Genevieve was partying with Bachelor Nation members.

Genevieve was visibly shocked as she, the women, and the studio audience all gasped at the news.

Genevieve told Shanae that she had met Aaron at a bar, but the two had no other history.  

Genevieve Parisi told Shanae Ankney that Aaron Clancy thinks she’s ‘crazy’

Aaron jumped in again with a light-hearted TikTok about watching the show.

“Is it me? Am I the drama? I don’t think I’m the drama. Maybe I am,” he mouthed along to the popular TikTok sound.

“How this episode got me feeling,” he captioned the video.

Genevieve then turned the tables on Shanae by telling her that Aaron had sent her a screenshot of Shanae continuously liking his stories and messages.

She also claimed that Aaron messaged her, “is she really this bad?” in regards to Shanae liking all of his content.

Shanae did not appear phased by the news, but the rest of the women were delighted and cheered Genevieve on in her take-down of the season villain.

Shanae ultimately refused to apologize and the two ended their joint hot seat segment with nothing resolved.

The Bachelor Fantasy Suite date episode airs Tuesday at 8/7c on ABC.

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