Aaron Clancy addresses claims he had two women back home on Bachelor in Paradise

Aaron Clancy
Aaron Clancy was not going to put up without a fight after new claims were made about him. Pic credit: ABC

Aaron Clancy is putting an end to the claims that he had two women waiting for him back home after Bachelor in Paradise.

Since the Season 8 finale aired just two weeks back, rumors have been swirling that Aaron had two girlfriends before he left to film for the show.

It was also said that the women were waiting for Aaron once he returned home from filming, which made his sudden breakup with Genvieve Parisi in the season’s finale seem even more suspicious.

Genevieve recently appeared on a podcast to explain what she had found out about the women, including the fact that he had been seeing them for roughly nine months before leaving for BIP. She also said that he had continued his relationship with one of them after returning home from Paradise this summer.

Although he has kept silent on the matter, Aaron decided it was finally time to set the record straight and clear up the allegations that had been made about him.

He started by immediately denying that he was dating one or multiple people before arriving at BIP earlier this year.

Aaron Clancy denies dating two women before Bachelor in Paradise

Aaron continued to label both of the women as “Girl A” and “Girl B” while telling the details of what happened.

Aaron said that Girl A was upset that he had moved on quickly to Girl B, which prompted Girl A to reach out to Girl B to inform her that Aaron had been dating them both at the same time.

He continued to say that he believes going into Paradise with a girlfriend is a “rookie mistake.”

Aaron also explained that the BIP producers were his friends, and they had called him before going on the show to ask him who he had been dating. Aaron revealed that he gave producers the names of Girl A and Girl B and said Girl A has “no credibility.”

“The one thing I do is I don’t lie to people,” Aaron said. “This situation itself is just fabricated completely.”

While there may be multiple sides to every story, it’s clear that Aaron feels strongly about his standpoint on this situation.

Aaron slams critics after Genevieve Parisi’s podcast appearance

After Genevieve appeared on the Almost Famous podcast last week to discuss the claims about Aaron, he felt the need to respond to the online trolls who were commenting on the situation.

Taking to his Instagram Stories, Aaron said, “It’s really funny cause people love to talk online, people love to gossip, people love to whatever, and, if you’re not in the situation, you don’t know for sure what the f**k is happening.”

“Know that if you’re not for sure involved, you don’t actually know what’s happening. Understand that,” he continued.

Now that Aaron has officially said his piece on the situation, it seems he may not have to clap back at online commenters anymore.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC.

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