A still-single Jana Duggar wears ripped jeans while hanging out with sibling

Jana Duggar Counting On confessional
Jana Duggar spotted wearing ripped jeans. Pic credit: TLC

Another year is almost over, and Jana Duggar is still single.

The eldest Duggar daughter is almost 34 and has not found a man to marry and settle down with. Her twin brother, John David Duggar, is married and has two children.

Jana is often spotted hanging out with family members. Most of the time, it’s her younger brother, Jason.

That is the case this holiday weekend as Jason snapped a photo of himself and his big sister sitting on what appears to be a pew at the Big House.

In the photo, Jana and Jason Duggar look at the camera as Noah Robinson (a Duggar friend) snaps the picture.

Jason hanging out with his big sister is less surprising than what the eldest Duggar daughter wears while hanging out with her brother and his friend.

Jana Duggar wearing ripped jeans
Jana Duggar poses in ripped jeans with Jason Duggar and friend. Pic credit: @jaseduggar/Instagram

Jana Duggar wears ripped jeans

Things have significantly changed in the Duggar family regarding the dress code.

The Duggar girls grew up wearing long dresses or skirts to keep their modesty and to avoid wandering eyes.

However, Jinger Duggar began wearing pants after marrying Jeremy Vuolo, and since then, several other married sisters have jumped on the bandwagon.

Jana Duggar still lives at the Big House, but it seems she is allowed to wear jeans as she donned a ripped pair while posing with Jason Duggar on the pew in the family home.

This is a big step, especially because she is wearing the jeans around Jason’s friend, Noah.

Will Jana Duggar remain single forever?

Jana Duggar will celebrate her 34th birthday in a few weeks.

She has yet to announce a courtship at this point.

There has been plenty of speculation that Jana may like women, which has been suspected in her close relationship with Laura DeMaise. However, both women have denied they are anything more than close friends.

The nickname “Cinderella” has been used to describe Jana quite often. She is often seen taking care of her siblings and some of her nieces and nephews. Also, as her younger sisters married off and moved out, Jana picked up the slack with their chores, as the rest of her sisters were relatively young when Jill Duggar and the other girls left the home.

Whether Jana will marry remains to be seen, but it doesn’t look like she’ll have many children if she does.

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6 months ago

If she was a Gothard girl, could that be the reason?