90 Day: The Single Life viewers question why Jesse Meester was at the Tell All

Jesse Meester
Jesse Meester’s Tell All appearance is getting slammed by 90 Day: The Single Life viewers. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance alum Jesse Meester has become a 90 Day franchise staple, and not all viewers are happy about that.

After Jesse and Darcey Silva, with whom he was on Seasons 1 and 2 of Before the 90 Days, broke up, Jesse lingered around the franchise and seemingly inserted himself into other cast members’ storylines.

Jesse has made appearances during Darcey’s time on 90 Day Bares All, her spinoff Darcey & Stacey where he talked with Darcey’s ex-fiance Georgi Rusev, and he was virtually present at the Season 4 Tell All.

He started a relationship with fellow Before the 90 Days alum Jeniffer Tarazona and the pair were featured as cast members on Season 2 of The Single Life.

Now, Jesse got a cameo on Part 3 of the Season 3 of The Single Life Tell All where he boasted about his lavish life and shaded Tim Malcolm and Veronica Rodriguez on the heels of their last Tell All fight.

Regarding his latest appearance, viewers have been speaking out about Jesse’s continued involvement in the franchise.

Jesse Meester is getting bashed by 90 Day: The Single Life viewers

The Single Life audience has a resounding negative reaction to seeing Jesse Meester on their TV screens again and were confused as to what capacity he was trying to stay relevant.

One critic with a popular thought slammed, “WHY is Jesse on again?!? He’s been irrelevant for years?!? WHY??? NO ONE CARES if he’s in a relationship or not!”

Another expressed, “Someone please explain to me why I’m earth did Jesse need to appear on the Tell All for Veronica’s story.. I need to speak to someone in management about this. I want to be compensated for the unnecessary added annoyance.”

Tweet about Jesse Meester
Pic credit: @yourclarkness/Twitter

Someone else made the point, “It’s weird cause you’re weird jesse. You’re so butt hurt. It’s annoying. Stop coming to there tell alls. You have nothing to do with anything.”

Tweet about Jesse Meester
Pic credit: @lego210607/Twitter

Jesse Meester confirmed that he is still with Jeniffer Tarazona

In September, Jeniffer caused a social media stir after she said that she and Jesse were not together.

During his stint at the Tell All, Jesse was confronted with the breakup rumors and said that it was a misinterpretation and that Jeniffer meant that they were not physically together at that moment.

He asserted that they were very much in love and that she was on her way to Spain to be with him at that time, further saying they were going on vacation in India.

He showed viewers and those on the Tell All stage a video Jeniffer sent him to prove that they were still in communication and in a relationship.

90 Day: The Single Life is currently on hiatus.

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