90 Day: The Single Life recap: Twist my world

Syngin, Jeniffer, Big Ed
The 90 Day: The Single Life cast mostly took action to join the dating scene completely. Pic credit: TLC

Most of the cast members on 90 Day: The Single Life were very forward about their feelings this week although a few played it more reserved.

Breakups were discussed, new chapters unfolded, and a few dates were highlighted during the episode.

Syngin Colchester, Natalie Mordovtseva, Big Ed Brown, and Debbie Johnson were direct with their feelings

Syngin explained that he and Tania were broken up but still living together under the same roof and having sex. The reason for their breakup was because Syngin realized he doesn’t ever want to have kids.

Later in the episode, Tania and Syngin sat down to discuss what comes next and what was healthiest for both of them. While Tania wanted to try and make it work, Syngin was firm about wanting a divorce.

Big Ed finished the date he was on during Episode 1 but not before crying about his breakup with Liz and turning off his date to the point where she did not agree to a second date when he asked.

Natalie got her hair done by a friend and chose an outfit with another friend for a first date she was going on with a fellow model.

During the date, Natalie was upset that her date Johnny was drinking, although she felt better once he threw it out and got water. But she quickly unleashed on Johnny that she wants to be a mom and is not looking for a party boy. She also questioned her date on his belief in God and was pleased when he said he was a believer.

Johnny talked about being interested in Natalie’s beauty and by the end of the date and Natalie agreed to go on a second one.

Natalie Mordovtseva
Natalie did not hold back what she wants out of life and a partner during her first date. Pic credit: TLC

Debbie talked a lot about being promiscuous when she was younger. She also went out to lunch with Vanessa and was told that Colt likes to talk during sex which is something she likes to do as well.

Jesse Meester and Jeniffer Tarazona met in person for the first time

Jeniffer and Jesse met for the first time at the airport in Bucaramanga, Colombia where Jeniffer lives, and Jeniffer was dismayed that she didn’t get a kiss right away from Jesse.

Jeniffer voiced the importance of intimacy during a private interview while Jesse said he wanted to take his time.

They both told the other how attractive they were but were not touchy-feely in the cab ride to the hotel which concerned Jeniffer.

Jeniffer also lied during the cab ride when she told Jesse she had been single for the last three years but said privately that she wanted to tell him the truth another time.

Jesse and Jeniffer
Jeniffer was disappointed by the lack of physical affection during her first meeting with Jesse. Pic credit: TLC

New episodes of 90 Day: The Single Life are available to stream Sundays on Discovery+.

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