90 Day Fiance: Syngin Colchester reveals why his marriage to Tania Maduro ended

90 Day:The Single Life star says the topic of kids played a role in his and Tania Maduro's breakup
Syngin Colchester talks breakup with Tania Maduro. Pic credit: Discovery+

Syngin Colchester has opened up about his breakup with Tania Maduro during an appearance on 90 Day Bares All. A few weeks ago, we found out that the couple broke up after we witnessed their tumultuous relationship play out on 90 Day Fiance and its spinoffs for a few seasons.

The odd couple had issues in their relationship since the moment they met and viewers were not shocked to hear that they had finally parted ways. It was surprising however to find out that they are now both cast members on the new Discovery+ dating show 90 Day: The Single Life.

However, before the now-estranged duo makes their newly single debut on TV, Syngin is sharing more details about their breakup.

Why did Syngin Colchester and Tania Maduro break up?

Syngin was a guest on the latest episode of 90 Day Bares All and of course, his breakup was a topic of conversation.

“Things have been kind of rough for a couple of months,” confessed Syngin. “It’s not like something you wake up and [and say] ‘okay I’m gonna leave the person I love the most right now…’ there have been times when you’re kind of almost forced to be happy but you’re kind of holding on to love…you end up holding on to that love way too long and I think it just damages more in the end.”

During his appearance on the show, a few other 90 Day: The Single Life cast members were also on stage and much like viewers, they were not surprised by Syngin and Tania’s breakup.

Host Shaun Robinson asked the cast if they were surprised that they broke up and Colt Johnson responded, “No.”

Colt’s wife Vanessa Guerra reiterated the sentiment and said, “I didn’t quite see a connection there.”

Debbie Johnson also chimed in, “I’m not surprised.”

The topic of ‘kids’ played a major role in Tania and Syngin’s split

Later in the interview, Syngin was able to pinpoint one major thing that was the final nail in the coffin for his relationship with Tania. He revealed that her desire to have kids and his desire not to was a factor in their breakup.

“I think the main decision came when I finally decided that children are just not for me,” confessed the 90 Day: The Single life newbie.

He continued, “This was a big decision for me cause I knew once I tell her this it’s gonna be the end of us. But I still knew that I have to do this because even though I love her so much and wanna give her whatever she wants if I give her this it might just impact me negatively.”

“The children were definitely the deciding factor in everything,” he added.

Season 2 of 90 Day Fiance: The Single Life begins streaming on Friday, November 12 on Discovery+.

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