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90 Day Fiance’s Sasha Larin celebrates getting his work permit and a new job

sasha 90 day fiance
Sasha during the 90 Day Fiance season. Pic Credit: TLC

Fans of 90 Day Fiance were introduced to Alexander “Sasha” Lauren last season. The twice-divorced personal trainer was dating American Emily McCue, who was pregnant with his child.

Emily was living in Russia at the time, where she had moved to teach English. She and Sasha met when Emily decided to sign up for a gym to combat the loneliness of being alone in a new country.

After their long struggle to get to America with their son, the couple finally seems to be settling down. They’ve gotten married and moved out to Oregon, where they’re raising their family.

Sasha finally has a work permit

The restrictions placed on the 90 Day couples between the time they’re married and the time their green card is finalized can be agonizing.

New immigrants can’t get a driver’s license or work permit until their green card goes through, and the wait between the marriage and the issuance of the green card can be months long.

Sasha, however, seems to have finally gotten his papers settled. In a recent Instagram post, Sasha revealed that he’s back to work as a personal trainer. Sasha has been waiting to get back to work for a long time- eight months in total- but he’s thrilled to be back.

Sasha was characterized on the show as a fitness fanatic (who could forget him throwing out Emily’s sister’s food?) and it certainly seems that was accurate. He’s gotten back into a job he obviously loves, so the couple seems to be settling in to their new Oregon home.

Sasha the Casanova

Sasha was still married to his second wife when he met Emily, which sparked cheating rumors, but the couple claims that their romantic relationship didn’t begin until after Sasha’s divorce. Those facts- plus Sasha’s two children, one from each of his two previous marriages- led Emily’s family to become very suspicious, and they weren’t totally on board with the relationship.

However, when Emily gave birth to the couple’s son David Alexander in November 0f 2018, her family realized that Sasha would be in their lives no matter what. Emily’s sister gave her and Sasha a place to stay when they first got back to America, and the newlyweds lived their until they were able to move out on their own.

We may not, however, be able to follow their story any longer- it doesn’t look like they’ll appear again on any of the 90 Day shows in the future.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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