90 Day Fiance’s Laura Jallali accuses ex-husband Aladin Jallali of catfishing her

Laura Jallali revealed she didn't have a good sex life.
Laura Jallali accuses her ex-husband of catfishing her. Pic credit: @LauraJallali/Instagram

Laura Jallali, former cast member of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, is accusing her ex-husband, Aladin Jallali, of catfishing her.

TLC fans will recall that back in October of 2019, Aladin accused Laura of the same thing.

The Canadian native recently spoke on The Domenick Nati Show and shared some interesting insight into the inner workings of her ex-husband. To the shock of listeners who almost had to clutch their metaphoric pearls, Laura accused Aladin of lying to her.

The mother of one told the host, “The sex was bad. The dude has no money. I was very much catfished. He made a lot of three dollar promises to me.”

Laura also looked like she had a mini makeover as she showed off her platinum ringlets and smoother face.

90 Day Fiance’s Laura Jallali reveals her current relationship status

Domenick asked the reality TV star if she had been dating anyone during the pandemic.

But sadly, Laura revealed she hadn’t left her apartment in two years, though we think she may be exaggerating. She then revealed she hadn’t had good sex in over five years and last slept with the Qatar resident. 

Laura is now very much single and ready to mingle. 

The 90 Day Fiance star shared that even though Aladin may have been good-looking, she regretted not taking the car out for a test drive before she committed. 

Laura Jallali hints Aladin Jallali had a boyfriend

Laura accused Aladin of using the show for his own self-gain even though he had promised he never would. The ex-reality star then decided to get a little messy with her tea.

She explained that in Qatar, the men and women had separate gyms. But at Aladin’s gym, they had to put cameras up because men were meeting their partners there and having intercourse.

Immediately the host asked if Aladin was bi-sexual.

In particular, Laura explained that one patron would give Aladin very expensive gifts, eluding that there could have been “jiggy jiggy” going on. 

It seems like there will be no more overseas romance for Laura as she made it clear she will only be staying with North American men. TLC fans can find Laura on social media often updating her fans on her daily life.

Until she finds the new love of her life, she will continue to use filters and act cagey when it comes to talking about her past and Aladin. 

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way is currently on hiatus.

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2 years ago

Laura has been a liar since day one! She also embarrassed her husband on national TV…imagine what more damage she is capable of, and how mean she was to Aladin!