90 Day Fiance’s Debbie Johnson shows off boyfriend Tony’s new tattoo, reveals if she wants more

Debbie Johnson
Debbie Johnson during an interview on Season 3 of 90 Day: The Single Life. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day: The Single Life viewers watched franchise alum Colt Johnson’s mom Debbie Johnson start a relationship with a Canadian man named Tony and grow into living her best life with him.

Debbie’s best life with Tony appears to continue, as the 70-year-old recently showed off her boyfriend’s new tattoo on her Instagram page, with 158,000 followers.

The raised and swollen tattoo was of a red-faced warrior with horns standing in front of smoke.

Debbie said the tattoo was taken the day after it was done and that there was a bit of swelling and pain for Tony.

Debbie shared Tony’s new tattoo with 90 Day Fiance fans and gave away information about whether she would like any more tattoos in the future.

Debbie got her first tattoo, a butterfly on her chest, on Season 2 of 90 Day: The Single Life.

When asked by a fan if it was her turn to get another tattoo, saying that her butterfly was “lonely,” Debbie shared her answer.

She said, “Actually, I’ve been thinking about it. Lol [thinking face emoji.]”

Instagram comment from Debbie Johnson
Debbie answered a fan’s question. Pic credit: @savagedebbiej/Instagram

It’s possible 90 Day Fiance fans could see more ink on Debbie in the near future with that response.

90 Day Fiance’s Debbie Johnson’s dating history

Debbie’s road to finding love with Tony was not easy for her.

She was married to a man who was sent to Vietnam and suffered a miscarriage with him. Debbie said the miscarriage was too much for their relationship, and they got a divorce.

After that, Debbie met Colt’s dad Harley, whom she was with for 27 years until his passing.

Debbie waited many years before she started dating. When she did jump back in, her foray was captured on Season 2 of The Single Life, where she dated a few men that weren’t the right fit.

Debbie revealed how Colt is doing after his major accident

In the comments of her post showing Tony’s tattoo, Debbie responded to other questions and comments from fans, including one about Colt.

Colt’s wife, Vanessa Guerra, revealed in early January 2023 that Colt had been in an accident that caused a “dislocated and broken leg,” along with a “torn meniscus.”

Vanessa said Colt spent two weeks in the hospital, had several surgeries already, and was looking at a long road to recovery.

Debbie was asked how Colt was doing after the accident, and she replied that he was “doing well.”

Instagram comment from Debbie Johnson
Debbie addressed her son Colt’s condition after his accident. Pic credit: @savagedebbiej/Instagram

Debbie did not elaborate on Colt’s condition and healing process or if she has been able to spend time with him since it happened.

90 Day: The Single Life is currently on hiatus. Seasons 1-3 are available to stream on Discovery+.

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