90 Day: The Single Life: Are Debbie Johnson and her boyfriend Tony still together?

Debbie Johnson and Tony 90 Day: The Single Life
Debbie found love again this season on 90 Day: The Single Life. Pic credit: TLC

This season on 90 Day: The Single Life, Debbie Johnson met and fell in love with her Canadian boyfriend, Tony.

After losing her husband, Harley, 13 years ago to a heart attack, Debbie remained single and focused on her son, Colt Johnson.

However, that all changed when she took a chance at love and met Tony, who works in the computer networking field, through a mutual friend.

The two hit it off instantly, and soon enough, Tony asked Debbie to leave her life in Las Vegas to come to live with him in Canada.

Viewers watched Debbie take a leap of faith and decide to move with Tony across the border, a huge move for the 70-year-old reality TV star.

Now that we know Debbie has moved to Canada, it has 90 Day: The Single Life viewers wondering: are Debbie and Tony still together?

Are 90 Day: The Single Life couple Debbie Johnson and Tony still an item?

Due to restrictions imposed by the network, cast members aren’t allowed to divulge their relationship status publicly, including on social media.

Therefore, judging by Debbie’s Instagram, there’s no indication whether she and Tony are still together.

However, the couple has been spotted in Canada by fans of the show. One such fan shared a photo on a Reddit thread.

The 90 Day: The Single Life viewer shared a photo of their girlfriend sandwiched between Debbie and Tony in the aisle at Walmart and captioned it, “So I live in Port Coquitlam BC, look who my GF ran into at Walmart!!!”

Yet another viewer spotted Tony and Debbie on the subway in Vancouver. The couple sat next to each other as they gazed out the window, each wearing face masks and matching black jackets.

Another Redditor shared a photo of Debbie at the airport in Las Vegas, waiting to board a plane. Tony was seated next to Debbie as the couple looked at something on Debbie’s phone.

Debbie and Tony were also seen attending a sporting event in Canada, making their way to their seats before enjoying a drink together, as shared by a fan page on Instagram.

Debbie admitted moving to Canada to be with Tony was hard

Admittedly, moving to Canada and leaving her son Colt behind was the second-hardest thing Debbie has ever done after losing her husband, Harvey, to a massive heart attack.

Debbie sat down and penned a heartfelt note to Colt before leaving with Tony to make her decision final. Debbie wrote that she and her son, Colt, would always be connected but that it was time for them to go their separate ways.

It looks as though Debbie and Tony’s romance was the real deal, and only time will tell if the duo finally goes public with their romance off camera.

90 Day: The Single Life airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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1 year ago

I hope they are they make each other so happy. And her son is so disrespectful to her.. she needs to live her life colt doesn’t care or he wouldn’t treat her that way.

1 year ago

So so happy for the 2 of u be happy Love to both of you