90 Day Fiancé’s Ashley Marston is upset by Discovery+ and took to Instagram Live to complain

90 Days Ashley Marston is upset with the Discovery+ network. Pic credit: TLC

Ashley is no stranger to drama, and this time she has picked a fight with the new network Discovery+. Fans have noted that the thirty-four-year-old single mom apparently doesn’t understand that she signed her rights to the 90 Day franchise and does not have a say in her appearance on the network.

In Ashley’s Instagram Live post, captured by @90dayfanatic2, she said, “Discovery+ please take me off your network. I never signed up to be on that app and want absolutely nothing to do with the new show or your network.”

She continued, “Pay me if your gonna keep using my name.”

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The 90 Day franchise notoriously underpays its cast and doesn’t even pay some other participants in the show at all. Ashley’s comments are most likely coming from the place of wanting to get paid more and misunderstanding what she is entitled to.

The Discovery+ network is showing largely lukewarm to negative responses despite the exclusive franchise content provided by the new streaming service.

Fans are annoyed that they have to purchase a subscription to an entirely new network, and they are not all that happy with the 90 Day content being pushed out.

How much do the 90 Day cast members get paid?

American cast members are only paid between $500-$1500 per episode, while the foreigners aren’t even paid anything at all. The foreigners can get paid when filming in their country, but in America, complications exist with work permits.

Those comparing 90 Day cast paychecks will find a large contrast. For example, Duggars pays their cast between $25,000-$40,000.   

Ashley walked away from reality TV after completing Happily Ever After and has stated that she wants to stay out of the 24/7 spotlight. Her frustration comes from the fact she is shown on the Discovery network but not getting anything out of it.

Fans weight in on Ashley’s statement

Fans weigh in on Ashley’s comments about Discovery+. Pic credit: @90dafanatic2/Instagram

In the comments section of the Instagram post, fans of the show expressed their thoughts on Ashley’s statement about the Discovery+ Network.

One commentor dished that “She signed a contract with 90 Day. Discovery bought their content so she’s SOL. And she always put her business out there anyway!”

Another said “Girl you still have 90 in your bio and IG name”.

The general consensus of the commentors was that Ashley is bitter and that she should have looked at her contract closer.

Ashley’s time on 90 Day Fiance and Happily ever after was a rocky ride with her ex-husband Jay Smith. Ashley was cheated on multiple times and filed for divorce twice before finally seeing it through the third time.

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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