90 Day Fiance’s Angela Deem says her father would have slapped Michael for his attitude

Angela yelling at Michael
Angela yelling at Michael about a possible divorce Pic credit: TLC

Angela Deem is about to come under fire once again for her storyline in this week’s all-new episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

She and Michael Ilesanmi are still not on speaking terms and their future is looking grim.

In previews for this Sunday’s episode, Angela is busy sweeping away her dust and drama when her daughter Skyla begs her to answer her phone since she has had enough of playing their couple’s therapist. 

Angela and Michael are still fighting 

Upon answering the Skype call, Michael and Angela pick up exactly where they had left off but with a twist. Michael decided to try and stand up for himself, but it did not go well.

Michael told TLC cameras, “This time, I’m not letting her win.”

90 Day Fiance fans are sure he will come to regret those words.

Upon seeing the new and not improved Michael, Angela brought up her deceased father saying, “A man don’t not call their woman for no reason.”

Angela threatens Michael

While yelling at Michael she said, “If my daddy was alive, he would have sat over here and waited to hand slap you right in your mouth.”

When Michael questioned the statement, Angela doubled down and said, “My dad would have beat your a**.”

Michael is tired of being yelled at.
Michael thought he was going to have a say in his marriage Pic credit: TLC

In a fit of laughter, Michael seemed to find the comment hysterical, which only made his wife more upset.

She claimed he “couldn’t beat no one’s a**.” 

But the 90 Day Fiance meemaw hit Michael where it hurt when she brought up visiting her lawyer Lou and wanting a divorce.

She bluntly told him, “If you don’t have my feelings in your mind at all times, I don’t need you.”

Michael is at his wit’s end

The newly thinned-out Angela even blamed her smoking habit on Michael.

Poor Michael revealed to cameras that he was “hoping she would listen to me. But she started yelling at me, and I’m so mad about it.” 

For the entire relationship, Michael has usually let Angela win. But now that he is growing a bit of a voice, his newfound confidence is clearly backfiring on him and their marriage. 

Angela has come under fire by TLC fans for her aggressive and often abusive behavior towards Michael. Many feel that Angela should be canceled but the network has yet to comment. 

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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Lenore Meyer
Lenore Meyer
1 year ago

Please get rid Lof Angela. She is someone with zero redemptive value. There is no place for her in society. She barely registers as a human being. Much more animal than human. Please stop giving her air time.