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90 Day Fiance: Zied denies Rebecca bought him a car, claims he did it himself

Zied from 90 Day Fiance
Zied claims he bought his own car. Pic credit: TLC

Zied Hakimi has a new car. Recently, Rebecca showed off Zied’s new ride in a post where she talked about being proud of him. Soon after, reports claimed that Rebecca bought him that car, something that Zied denies.

In her post about Zied’s new car, Rebecca wrote, “Congratulations @tlc_90day_zied on your first car!! ??? I’m so proud of you baby!!”

Clearly, the car isn’t brand new, but it is new to Zied, and he’s proud of this major milestone.

It didn’t take long for speculation to begin about whether or not Rebecca bought Zied his car. Others figured he used Cameo money to purchase his new wheels, especially since Zied has become one of the most popular 90 Day Fiance stars on the service. He may actually be making decent Cameo money too, but that’s not how he paid for the car.

Instead, Zied has come out and said that he purchased the vehicle on his own, with money earned from his job. Over the course of his time on the TLC show, it was learned that Zied has a job filling seats for a local TV show. He also posted pictures of what looks like an HVAC school so he may be learning new skills in a trade school setting.

Either way, he did this himself and he’s angry that 90 Day Fiance fans think that Rebecca did it for him.

“I want to tell everyone,” Zied wrote. “Rebecca didn’t buy me a car. I buy it with my own money. I work every day. I’m not posting pictures of my work every day. I don’t care if you will believe this or not. I do not care. So many people just want to talk in stuff that doesn’t make sense. Good to all.”

Rebecca also spoke out about claims that she bought Zied a car.

“Why would you write this??? It’s really sad that you ASSUME this after I post one thing congratulating Zied for his new car!!” Rebecca wrote about claims that she bought Zied a car. “I have been pretty relaxed about all the tabloid stuff because it’s harmless and doesn’t matter. But Zied saved his own money and I had ZERO to do with it! Do not take that away from him!”

Congratulations to Zied on the purchase of his first vehicle.

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