90 Day Fiance: Yolanda has another hot younger man in her life, but doesn’t want him to meet her kids

90 Day Diaries star Yolanda Leak doesn't want new boyfriend to meet her kids
Yolanda Leak is dating a younger guy. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Yolanda Leak certainly has a type and these days she’s dating another younger guy. The 53-year-old is now starring in 90 Day Diaries on Discovery+, and her relationship with her 37-year-old boyfriend, John is playing out.

However, after the catfishing fiasco that occurred during Yolanda’s initial appearance on TLC, it’s no wonder that she’s treading lightly when it comes to introducing her new beau to her children.

It’s hard to forget Yolanda’s season on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days when she was dating a mysterious man named Williams who claimed to be from the United Kingdom. However, when she told her kids about her online love and they started to investigate, there were several red flags that their mom refused to acknowledge.

Ultimately it became clear that Williams was a fake and Yolanda had been catfished. These days, she has moved on from Williams, but now the mom-of-six is leery about introducing her kids to her new boyfriend.

Yolanda doesn’t want boyfriend to meet her kids

In a scene from 90 Day Diaries, Yolanda’s new man is eager to meet her kids, but she tells him that it’s too soon for that, especially since the couple has only been dating for four months.

Yolanda and John are about to visit his family members in St. Louis and she has insisted upon meeting his mother. However, when John asked to meet her kids Yoland remains adamant that it’s too soon.

“I’m just here chilling with the girls. I told them about you,” shared Yolanda during a video chat with her younger beau.

“Right so I can come by and meet them,” responded John.

“Not yet, they not ready yet,” said Yolanda.

But John remained insistent. “I think I should meet them before we leave,” he continued. “Cause you wanna meet my mom when we donwn there so it’s only right.”

“Yes but let’s give them some time cause I just told them today. So let’s just give them some time for it to sink in, you know… marinate.”

Will things go south if John meets Yolanda’s kids?

After she chatted with John, Yolanda took to her confessional to explain why she’s so hesitant about her new boyfriend meeting her kids.

“I mean at least I took the first step of telling them about him,” reasoned the 90 Day Diaries star. “So he should be happy with that but here we are and he’s not. He just wanna meet all of [them] at once and just say ‘daddy’s home’ I guess and my kids [are] just not gonna accept that and it’s just gone go south real fast.”

So Yolanda made it very clear to John, “You’re not coming over, you’re not gonna meet them until after the trip, period!”

Do you think it’s fair that Yolanda gets to meet John’s mom but he can’t meet her kids?

90 Day Diaries is currently streaming on Discovery+.

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