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90 Day Fiance: What is Brandon Gibbs’ job?

Brandon Gibbs has a fulltime job outside of working on his family's farm.
Brandon Gibbs has a full-time job outside of working on his family’s farm. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance fans mostly know about Brandon Gibbs through his life on his parents’ farm.

The 27-year-old and his 26-year-old Russian fiance, Julia Trubkina, are currently featured on 90 Day Fiance Season 8.

At the start of the show, Julia had just moved in to live with Brandon and his parents, Betty and Ron Gibbs, on the farm.

The family also owns a dog kennel that has recently gotten them into trouble on social media.

While Brandon has been fine with doing chores around the farm for no pay, his fiance Julia did not feel the same way.

Additionally, living under Brandon’s parents’ roof has presented another set of problems. The two aren’t allowed to sleep in the same room.

Even though Brandon puts in a lot of work at Hummingbird Acres Farm, Brandon actually has another full-time job.

Brandon’s full-time job

Brandon’s full-time job is working as a pest control technician.

Brandon revealed his full-time job during an interview with his local paper, The Progress-Index, about being on the show.

“Nobody’s mentioned yet about the fact that I do actually work a full-time job as a pest control technician. I just do a lot of work on my parents’ farm. I try to pull my fair share of work around here since I’m living here,” Brandon told the outlet.

He wanted to reassure fans that he does more than work at his family farm in order to provide a future for him and Julia.

During his intro segment on the show, he explained that he liked being a pest control technician because it meant he didn’t have to work an office job and it allowed him to experience new things.

However, Brandon still plans for the farm to be apart of that future.

He is intended to inherit the family farm once his parents retire.

Brandon on 90 Day Fiance

Brandon may be in over his head as he has found himself caught between his family and fiance this season.

Brandon’s parents laid down the law the second that Julia moved in. They told Brandon and Julia that they would be sleeping in separate rooms.

Julia, however, wanted to be in a room with her fiance after moving to America to be with him.

Brandon wanted to be in a room with his fiancee, but also didn’t want to upset his family.

The tension between Julia and his family also increased when Brandon’s parents told Julia she had to pull her weight and do chores on the family farm.

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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