90 Day Fiance viewers slam Jibri for his Tell All opinions

Jibri Bell
90 Day Fiance viewers weighed in on Jibri Bell’s Tell All couple success predictions. Pic credit: TLC

Jibri Bell acted up in all kinds of ways at the Season 9 of 90 Day Fiance Tell All. Most notably, he instigated arguments with his fellow castmates and made digs and threw shade at them.

During his unabashed and unapologetic antics, Jibri was giving his unsolicited opinions on the other couples and the chances they had at having successful relationships.

He slammed Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre as incompatible and also trashed Bilal Hazziez and Shaeeda Sween as a bad couple.

Jibri declared Yve Arellano and Mohamed Abdelhamed as the couple he thought would succeed the most and doubled down by asserting that his predictions are often correct.

At the end of the Tell All, however, 90 Day viewers learned about Mohamed’s infidelity after intimate and inappropriate messages between him and another woman surfaced.

Now, Jibri’s relationship predictions and critical opinions in general are being bashed by 90 Day Fiance viewers.

Jibri Bell’s Tell All couple predictions were called out by a 90 Day Fiance critic

Jibri, who has been getting called “Spahkles” on the internet because of his Tell All feud with John McManus, is getting called out by 90 Day FIance viewers.

Jibri’s erroneous predictions about which couples have the best chance at making it have come under fire.

A 90 Day fan account on Instagram made a meme that showed a still image of Jibri saying, “I’m team Yve and Mohamed, man. I think this is genuine love.”

Above the image, the meme read, “Another horrible stance by this donkey, Spahkles:”

In the caption, the fan page jabbed, “‘Can someone make Jibri shut up?’ -anyone watching the tell-all or listening to his ‘music.'”

Jibri Bell is being slammed by 90 Day Fiance viewers for his erroneous couple predictions

In the comments of the Instagram meme, other 90 Day viewers weighed in on Jibri’s opinions that weren’t asked for.

One person remarked, “Just goes to show you how off his compass is [laughing/crying emoji.]”

Instagram comments about Jibri Bell
Pic credit: @90_day_divorcee/Instagram

Someone else wrote, “I LOVED how at the end they were like ‘after filming…’ [laughing/crying emojis] he said his predictions usually come true. Ok, guy.”

Instagram comments about Jibri Bell
Pic credit: @90_day_divorcee/Instagram

90 Day viewers on Twitter also reacted to Jibri’s stance on Mohamed and Yve’s relationship.

One critic remarked, “Jibri is such a [clown emoji]. Telling Yve that he thinks she & Mohamed will last…but telling everyone else they won’t. Meanwhile, Mohamed is the only one involved in a cheating scandal. Shut up sometimes Jibrish [eye rolling emoji.]”

Tweet about Jibri Bell
Pic credit: @charred_s/Twitter

Yet another 90 Day critic commented, “Jibri says he sees true love between Yve and Mohamed, that’s how you know he has no idea what the hell he’s talking about.”

Do you think any of Jibri’s other predictions are wrong?

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus.

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Lady Bug
Lady Bug
1 year ago

Jibri need to worry about his own relationship,

1 year ago

What an assclown. Got his oar in everyone else’s water. All mouth.

1 year ago

Sparkles is just a self centered bully. He is mean and judgemental and full of hatred. A coward who thinks he is better than anyone else. I really don’t want to see that stupid little face anymore. Before you judge anyone look at yourselves get a job if any employers want to deal with you , learn how to cook!! And stop being such a mean selfish little toddler with your parents.

james lowes
james lowes
1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I agree with you. A bully and a coward. I loved it when John called him Sparkles. Does he even look at himself before he goes out the door? Does he even think before he speaks? His parents did the right thing when they said move out. My god. He is pushing 30 and still lives at home? And his wife! They deserve each other. Just wait until he goes off on you!