90 Day Fiance viewers are tired of ‘spoiled’ and ‘annoying’ Thais Ramone

Thais Ramone
90 Day Fiance viewers shared their thoughts on Thais Ramone’s “spoiled” behavior. Pic credit: TLC

During the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance, viewers watched Thais Ramone share her doubts about marrying Patrick Mendes while he took her on a quick and lavish vacation to Miami.

Thais expressed her dismay at traveling around the US so much during her and Patrick’s 90 days together, given that they had started in Austin, Texas, and then moved to Dallas.

The pair also traveled to Las Vegas, Massachusetts, and now Miami within the 90 days and plan on going to Orlando for their wedding.

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Thais’s other complaint was that Patrick was too controlling in planning the getaways for her. She also felt he was controlling by not asking her for her opinion before making a decision of any kind.

Thais’ attitude toward Patrick’s attempts to please and woo her has not sat well with 90 Day viewers who think Thais is acting “spoiled” and “annoying.”

Many of the 90 Day audience feel like Thais does not know how good she has it and that her complaints are annoying.

90 Day Fiance viewers react to Thais Ramone’s negativity toward Patrick Mendes

90 Day Fiance viewers took to Twitter to vent their frustration on Thais’ attitude and behavior toward all that Patrick Mendes has been doing for her.

One popular assertion read, “OMG Thais, girl, if you’re not happy traveling and being on a yacht in Miami, trade me places please! I would gladly travel with Patrick. Lucky bish!”

Tweet about Thais Ramone
Pic credit: @bebecitaaa69/Twitter

Another critic slammed, “Thais: ‘Stop controlling me by paying for and planning all these luxurious vacations, while also giving me a beautiful home all on your dime.’ Is that what everyone else is hearing too?”

Tweet about Thais Ramone
Pic credit: @queenboftrashtv/Twitter

Yet another viewer made a remark about Thais and the other women of Season 9.

They said, “OK I’m getting really really tired of the spoiled women on the show! Thais, Emily, Ari you don’t know how good you have it. Sorry ya’ll. Those of us working hard to make ends meet watching these three immature children drives me nuts.”

Tweet about Thais Ramone
Pic credit: @alwayssunny3355/Twitter

Someone else with a top comment blasted, “Anyone else find Thais really annoying? The girl is complaining at a yacht party.”

Tweet about Thais Ramone
Pic credit: @lavaudreuill/Twitter

Thais Ramone’s dad is against her marriage to Patrick Mendes

90 Day Fiance viewers have heard from Thais’ dad several times now about his disdain for his daughter’s relationship with Patrick.

During the latest episode, Patrick tried to ask for Thais’ dad’s blessing, and he said no, along with an explanation of disappointment.

90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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1 year ago

Patrick needs to send this spoiled girl home! He can do so much better. Nothing he will ever do, will be enough for her!

1 year ago

I am not a fan of Thais but, it does appear to me that Patrick does makes big decisions without sharing with her beforehand. She has no choice. “Come on; let’s go. We are going on a cruise.” I would be upset too. I am very tired of her indecision about whether to marry Patrick or not. They are all 3 going to be so miserable. Go home, Thais.

1 year ago

It’s scripted. These producers really have taken this show to another level .

1 year ago

She really wants to go back home. She should just be honest and tell Patrick. She is too wushu washy. Patrick does make the decisions but good intentions.