90 Day Fiance UK star Richard Porter makes video about ‘sad times’

Richard Porter
90 Day Fiance UK star Richard Porter let fans know that he was having “sad times.” Pic credit: TLC

The premiere season of 90 Day Fiance UK came to a close yesterday, and viewers found out that Richard Porter was ghosted by his Filipina girlfriend, Kathleen.

Richard described that after he returned home from what he thought was a great bonding trip to the Philippines, Kathleen messaged him to say that she had fallen out of love with him.

With no further explanation provided, Richard met up with his friend and explained his heartache. He also revealed that he missed Kathleen every day during his private interview.

Now, Richard has taken to his Instagram to let 90 Day fans know that he is going through “sad times.”

Richard is a pub quiz host who runs his own pub quiz company. At one particular quiz, he notoriously hosted it naked while all the members of the quiz game were also in the buff.

Richard has been known on the show for his unabashed perception of what he wants his partner to fulfill and his “look but don’t touch” attitude when it comes to being around women.

90 Day Fiance UK’s Richard Porter opens up about ‘sad times’

In an Instagram address, Richard filmed a selfie video slumped into what looked like a couch as he had a tormented expression on his face.

A caption bubble then appeared over his face that read, “When you loved someone and had to let them go, there will always be that small part of yourself that whispers ‘What was it that you wanted and why didn’t you fight for it.'”

In addition, Richard wrote in the post’s caption, “Sad times 😢.”

The hashtags “#breakup, #relationshipfail,” and “#dumpedontv” were also in his caption.

Richard Porter was one of the most talked-about 90 Day Fiance UK cast members

At one point this season, Richard was with Kathleen and her friend and told her friend that “wife” stood for “washing, ironing, f***ing, etcetera.”

Not only was Kathleen’s friend put off, but viewers also shared their startled reactions to the acronym’s meaning to Richard.

The other 90 Day UK star that shares a lot about their life online and receives mixed reactions from viewers is Kadie, who got engaged to Mexico native Alejandro.

Kadie had a hard time understanding and assimilating to Alejandro’s Mexican culture, and the pair decided that Alejandro would move to the UK.

90 Day Fiance UK is currently on hiatus.

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