90 Day Fiance UK star Kadie shows before and after weight loss transformation

Kadie 90 Day Fiance UK
90 Day Fiance UK star Kadie showed off her weight loss transformation. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance UK viewers have become very familiar with cast member Kadie including her background, personality, and relationship with Alejandro.

Aside from having a strong presence on screen, Kadie is probably the 90 Day UK star that posts the most on social media.

Both on the show and online, Kadie promotes body positivity and talks about her weight loss successes and struggles.

Kadie has acknowledged some of her shortcomings and controversial behavior and attitudes that have been displayed on the show saying that, “some will love me some will hate me.”

In any case, Kadie used her Instagram platform to share a before and after weight loss comparison and talked about motivation and support as well as trials and tribulations.

She gave brazen opinions on the perception of heavier people and also shouted Alejandro out.

90 Day Fiance UK star Kadie shared a weight loss transformation post with fans

Kadie opened her post by showing a side-by-side image of her weight loss transformation by saying, “Don’t stop believing.. ❤️✨.”

She explained, “Here there is 5 stone in weight difference, and whilst I’m still on my journey I am so proud of myself so far.”

The picture on the left showed Kadie in figure-fitting workout clothes with a smile on her face.

The photo next to it showed a much smaller-looking photo of Kadie in a black dress also with a smile on her face. The weight loss difference between the two photos was apparent.

90 Day Fiance UK’s Kadie opened up her weight loss journey

Further in the caption of her post, Kadie remarked, “Last night I stumbled across a video where it was captioned something about a ‘fat’ girl and ‘skinny’ man. Do you know something, before I met Alejandro this would have really bothered me and got me down. Now I looked and thought ‘what a sad, low life describing us about our weight.'”

She continued, “I actually feel SORRY for people who are unable to look further than somebody’s appearance. If appearance is the most important thing to you, you have a lot of things to learn!”

Further saying, “I also want to say calling somebody skinny, is as damaging as calling somebody fat. None of these terms are ok, and I just want everybody to know and believe how beautiful they are regardless of their size! Your size isn’t what’s important, what’s inside is! Your SOUL! But if you must know, my fiancé isn’t skinny! He’s sexy as hell ?.”

Kadie ended her post by sharing, “I never thought I’d wear this dress in public, or show it anybody other than my close circle. I don’t know if il ever have the confidence to where it, but my Auntie and Niece told me I must buy it because of how good I look in it. I must say, it does look good and makes me feel so proud. Thank you all so much for mail by me feel beautiful everyday, and make me feel worthy! ❤️.”

90 Day Fiance UK airs on Sundays on Discovery+.

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