90 Day Fiance UK star Kadie says ‘some will love me some will hate me’

Kadie 90 Day Fiance UK
90 Day Fiance UK’s Kadie addressed the hate she has received from what she said on the latest episode. Pic credit: TLC

It looks like 90 Day Fiance UK star Kadie has been catching heat from viewers for her opinions and behavior on the latest episode because she made a video about it.

The 26-year-old nurse acknowledged the top criticism she’s been getting after telling her Mexican boyfriend Alejandro that his parent’s house looked like a prison as they pulled up to it.

Kadie defended her intentions regarding what she said and slammed haters for creating drama.

During the car ride from the airport to Alejandro’s parent’s house, Alejandro expressed in a private interview his disappointment that Kadie was not appreciating the things he had hoped her to at that point.

In any case, 90 Day Fiance UK viewers are three episodes in to the new hit 90 Day spinoff that is exclusively available on Discovery+.

Kadie and Alejandro’s journey has been featured on all three episodes so far, and viewers have yet to meet two other couples.

90 Day Fiance UK’s Kadie defended her words after critics bashed her

Using her Instagram page, 90 Day UK star Kadie made a video to address the flak she’s been receiving for saying Alejandro’s parent’s house looked like a prison.

Over the video she took of herself posing and smiling, Kadie had a message written.

She said, “It seems like people are horrified at me saying Alejandro’s house looked like a prison from the outside Firstly, I was NOT being offensive. I would never offend this beautiful family, and secondly I meant it because of the big gates! It reminded me of jail gates because only posh people have big gates in my country to it surpised me!”

In the caption of the post, Kadie added, “Some will love me, some will hate me but what I can say is I was 100% myself. Its crazy how peope have said I need to check my priveldge! Alejandro’s house is beautiful but the big gates reminded me of jail gates, because only posh/rich neighbourhoods have houses with gates! People are loving to make dramaaaaa!”

Kadie finished by saying, “Ps – If people must know my real opinion on Alejandro’s house, it’s beautiful and is a house of dreams for me!”

90 Day Fiance UK stars Kadie and Alejandro have a decision to make

If they want to stay together, 90 Day UK stars Kadie and Alejandro will have to decide which one of them will move for the other.

Viewers already watched Alejandro visit England and not like it, so Alejandro is hoping Mexico will capture Kadie’s heart.

Alejandro plans on proposing to Kadie while she’s in Mexico, so their decision will become even more real.

90 Day Fiance UK airs on Sundays on Discovery+.

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