90 Day Fiance UK star Kadie shares ‘unedited and real photo’ of herself

Kadie 90 Day Fiance UK
90 Day Fiance UK newcomer Kadie showed off her confidence to fans as she tried to show the real her. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance UK just aired its second episode, and viewers are taking to the latest 90 Day spinoff well.

With eight couples to follow this season, the 90 Day UK audience has been introduced to five so far, and one couple’s journey, in particular, has been popular with fans.

British Kadie and her Mexico-native boyfriend Alejandro met for the first time in person when Alejandro visited the UK to stay with Kadie for a few months.

Kadie’s body-positive focus and bubbly personality, coupled with chiseled Alejandro’s love and fondness for her, have made them a couple that 90 Day UK viewers appear to be rooting for.

Off-camera, Kadie and Alejandro are just as cute, and Kadie is very active on social media, where she likes to show fans the real her.

To that end, Kadie shared a picture of herself that she touted as an “unedited and real” photo.

90 Day Fiance UK star Kadie gives fans a glimpse at the real her

Kadie used her Instagram to share a photo of herself that captured her entire look.

The 26-year-old wore a pink dress adorned with black polka dots that she paired with pink flats.

She posed, wearing her glasses and blonde hair down, in front of a fence with flower pots.

In the caption, Kadie wrote, “Here is me today, an unedited and real photo. Lumps and bumps, but I’ve never tried to be perfect [heart emoji.].”

The 90 Day Fiance UK couples have a lot to overcome

While Kadie and Alejandro’s biggest obstacle is figuring out if they will live in England or Mexico, other 90 Day UK couples have much larger issues.

Shaun and Christine have a son together, who Shaun has not seen in two years due to the coronavirus pandemic. Shaun says he sends most of his paycheck to Christine to help her and her family and only leaves himself £50 for the rest of the month.

Viewers heard Christine be very pushy about having or taking Shaun’s money and Shaun relenting to Christine’s demands during the premiere episode.

Another couple with red flags in their relationship is 41-year-old Richard and 32-year-old Filipina Kathleen.

Richard, who runs pub quizzes, says he loves to flirt with women and go out drinking but wants a woman who will care for his every need in the home.

He says that he found that in Kathleen and believes their relationship is perfect despite his past transgressions against her. Kathleen wants Richard to change his ways and take up his own part at home.

90 Day Fiance UK viewers should buckle up for what looks like will be a dramatic season.

90 Day Fiance UK airs on Sundays on Discovery+.

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