90 Day Fiance twin Stacey Silva allegedly pregnant, Florian Sukaj’s ‘other woman’ Shanti Zohra speaks out

Stacey Silva and Florian Sukaj on 90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days
Stacey and Florian have allegedly been having some relationship trouble. Pic credit: TLC

Darcey Silva’s twin sister, Stacey, has been dealing with a bit of drama in her relationship with Florian Sukaj recently.

As rumors that her Albanian fiance was shacking up with Belgian model Shanti Zohra, he has reunited with Stacey. And now, amid all the cheating drama, there are claims that Stacey is pregnant.

There have been rumblings for months now that Stacey Silva and Florian Sukaj have been on the outs.

Last month, Monsters & Critics reported on a possible Stacey and Florian breakup after she deleted all his photos from her social media. Now, it seems that they are back together, but definitely not without drama.

Florian recently started posting pictures of himself and Stacey together on his private Instagram page again, and even captioned the latest, “@staceysilvatv My ? ?‍❤️‍?I love my Future wife?#couplelove #fitnessmotivation #gymlover?.”

He tagged Stacey in the shot and she responded, “Love you too my king ❤️?.”

That must not have sat well with Belgian model Shanti Zohra, who has been telling the world about her fling with the Albanian model.

Then, when Florian suggested in his Instagram stories that his 45-year-old fiancee may be pregnant, Shanti spoke out.

In a video shared to her Instagram stories, Shanti Zohra claims that Stacey and Florian haven’t even seen each other since September, which would mean that she would be roughly three months pregnant now if those claims were true.

Shanti also claimed that she and Florian were together only weeks ago and she even shared a photo together as proof.

In her video, which was shared by @iheartrealityshows on Instagram, Shanti says, “Wow, that’s so amazing. If Stacey is pregnant, congratulations! Amazing to capitalize on their time together during early September. I would love to see the sonogram.”

Then, Shanti went on to spill some piping hot tea about her alleged affair with Stacey’s man. “On the other hand, I saw Florian during my stay to Albania a couple of weeks ago and he didn’t mention fatherhood. He was only interested in me. Here is a pic of us the morning after.”

Both videos and the photo of Florian Sukaj and Shanti Zohra can be seen in the Instagram post below.

So far, neither Stacey nor Florian have commented on Shanti’s claims, nor has there been any official confirmation that Darcey Silva’s twin is pregnant.

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