90 Day Fiance The Other Way recap: Written in the stars

Jenny, Armando, and Ariela
The 90 Day Fiance: The Other way cast mostly made positive strides on this week’s episode. Pic credit: TLC

Several breakthroughs were made by the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way couples as they tried to move closer towards having happy and healthy relationships and marriages.

There is a lot at stake for each couple and while a lot of the progress made this week was difficult, it was necessary.

Most of the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way couples had positive developments

Sumit, Jenny, and Sumit’s parents sat down with the family astrologer who is revered and trusted to give guidance. He scolded Sumit’s parent’s for trying to interfere with Jenny and Sumit’s relationship and told Sumit’s mom to practice acceptance.

Sumit’s mom tearfully listened and ended up accepting the advice of the astrologer because she and her husband sat down with Jenny and explained that they had a change of heart. They told Jenny that they love her and that they will be more open to the relationship going forward.

Sadhna did voice that she does not approve of Jenny and Sumit marrying and shared privately that she hopes Sumit won’t go through with it. When Jenny brought up getting married right away later on to Sumit, he expressed his hesitation and said that they need to see the astrologer on their own first.

Sadhna and Jenny
Sumit’s mom came around to the idea of accepting Jenny. Pic credit: TLC

Corey coopted the help of some people in the Engabao community to pull off a second proposal to Evelin. Evelin explained that Corey had been doing a bunch of sweet things for her so she was ready to accept his proposal.

Kenny’s daughter Madison arrived in Mexico with Kenny’s grandson Cooper which made him elated. As Kenny was enjoying quality time with his family before the wedding, Armando was still having feelings about his dad’s refusal to attend the wedding.

After Kenny urged him to call his mom for a status update Armando found out his dad was coming after all.

Some of the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way couples are still being held back

Ariela flew to Kenya with her mom with a three-month lease on an apartment in the hopes that she and Biniyam could repair their relationship after all their troubles being apart because of Avi’s surgery.

While Ariela’s mom watched Avi, Biniyam and Ariela met with a translator to have a serious talk about their problems.

Ariela confronted Biniyam about having people over at their house in Ethiopia while she was in America and Biniyam said that Ariela was overreacting and misunderstanding the situation while she was away.

Biniyam said that he wants to keep his family together but that he would not admit to any wrongdoing while Ariela was in America. Ariela then slammed him for not thinking he did anything wrong and said that if he didn’t admit to any fault that she and Avi would be out of his life and they would work out a custody arrangement.

Biniyam Shibre
Biniyam asserted that he wants to keep his family together. Pic credit: TLC

Alina played with cats and explained that she really wanted to go back to Russia but that she and Steven still had a lot of work to do with their visas including getting married with only one month left to stay in Turkey legally.

Steven told Alina he was ready to get married but admitted privately that he would not have chosen to move this fast if it wasn’t for the visa circumstances. He expressed to Alina his worry that she will end up not getting baptized into the Mormon religion once they get married since they can’t do it before due to the churches not performing baptisms because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Alina was offended by Steven’s assertion and said she just wants to go through with everything so she can be back in Russia with Steven.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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2 years ago

Ariela is a freaking delusional nut job. you meet a guy whos an entertainer by trade and then berate and chastise him for doing his job to bring money in for the family. You bring your ex-husband across the world and into your house, someone who you may or may not have cheated on Bini with.. for what purpose exactly??? You leave the country despite Bini desperate pleas and begging to stay, taking his baby with you for almost 3 months and then again berate and chastise him for not being a kiss ass and after constant bickering on your part not answering the phone when doing his job to bring money in for the family. He starts running a studio out of the empty house you left him in, inviting artists, singers, musicians, producers etc to work there, once again to bring money in for the family, and once again you berate and chastise him for doing his job. This is the entertainment industry honey. Networking and working with lots and lots of others is the nature of the game. Yes, even females are entertainers. On top of that you’re now threatening him with breaking up and taking his child away to another country. Who TF died and made you king of the world?! What gives you and only you the right to decide what happens with the child? Basically calling him a loser, failure and telling him his life is over and will never amount to anything… why???!!!??? because he opened a studio to do his job, the same job he has been doing since long before you showed up, and make money for his family?????? Where is your proof that he has ever cheated on you? My god lady.. you are bat s**t crazy delusional and need professional help for reals. Your attitude and the way you treat others is absolutely infuriating. Typical fiercely independent American girl, no doubt a feminist who believes women are equal etc etc, yet thinks she deserves and controls everything. F***ing hypocrite. I hope and pray this series is watched by all foreigners around the world and it becomes abundantly clear just how dumb, delusional, narcissistic and absurd Americans are – let this be your warning!!! Find somebody who is NOT American!!!