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90 Day Fiance: Tarik’s not even married to Hazel yet but she is obsessed with finding a girlfriend

90 Day Fiance personality Tarik Myers
Although Hazel is moving to America to marry and be with Tarik, she’s already scoping out other prospects for the girlfriend title. Pic credit: TLC

Tarik Myers and Hazel Cagalitan’s 90 Day Fiance journey continues in the show’s newest season.

And while this season sees Hazel making the big move from the Philippines to America, the couple has another revelation for fans.

Earlier this year, the couple confirmed that Hazel is bisexual and that they would be finding a way to incorporate a girlfriend for Hazel into their marriage.

In the last episode of 90 Day Fiance, however, it was revealed that after a brief breakup, Tarik and Hazel attempted to share a girlfriend.

Hazel wants a girlfriend before she even comes to America

During a video chat, Tarik and Hazel discuss her interest in having a girlfriend. And Hazel wastes no time asking Tarik if there are good looking women in his area.

“When I get there, where [can you] take me?” she asks, allowing her question to trail off.

“It depends on what you want,” he says, seeming to understand her vague question.

“Is there hot girls there? Like [the] kind of girls that I like?” she further presses.

Tarik then explains, “Yeah. Virginia Beach is full of smokin’ hot women.”

Later speaking to producers, Tarik admits, “A while ago, Hazel dropped a bomb on me. You know, she told me that she was bisexual and I will admit, I was kinda surprised by it.”

“Not long after that, she started talking about having a girlfriend. But, there’s so many questions that that brings up. How is that going to work when she gets here? Is she really in this for me?”

At the end of their call, Tarik confesses to Hazel, “I’m just saying, I don’t want you to be too happy thinking about a girl cuz you gonna forget about me.”

During their brief split, Tarik met another woman online

Tarik also revealed, while speaking with his friend, Kia, that he and Hazel briefly split about a year into their relationship.

He explains that the split came around the time they experienced a pregnancy scare, and he incorrectly assumed that she had gotten an abortion.

Approximately three weeks after breaking things off with Hazel, Tarik says he started talking to a woman in Thailand.

“I met Minty,” he further admitted to producers. “She’s really pretty. [She’s] got a little bit of, you know, pizzazz to her, and we had a lot in common. I mean, I wouldn’t say I was falling in love, you know immediately, but I was falling in like.”

Tarik then explains to Kia that he informed Minty about the loose ends he had with Hazel, which he needed to tie up before moving forward with their relationship.

Tarik says it was at this point that he reached out to Hazel again. He then found out that she had never been pregnant and so his accusations of abortion were for nothing. Luckily, she forgave him.

Once he confessed about the relationship with Minty, Hazel expressed her own interest in Minty and the three of them spent some time together too. It didn’t take long for things to fall apart, though, as just a couple of days later, Hazel abruptly broke things off with Minty and requested Tarik do the same.

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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