90 Day Fiance spoilers: Mohamed is uncomfortable when Yve’s friends question him about sex

90 Day Fiance star Mohamed gets uncomfortable when in the hot seat with Yve's friends.
90 Day Fiance star Mohamed gets uncomfortable when in the hot seat with Yve’s friends when they begin to ask personal questions about sex. Pic credit: TLC

In a sneak peek of clip of 90 Day Fiance, star Mohamed Abdelhamed sits down with Yve’s friends to have a seemingly quaint chat about his relationship with Yve; however, tables turned and ultimately left him with a feeling of despair. 

Yve’s friends thought it would be fun to ask Mohamed sexually related questions, throwing all consideration of his beliefs and culture out of the window. 

Mohamed sits in the hot seat

The conversation with Yve’s friends began with one of her friends asking Mohamed if he had ever had any other serious girlfriends before meeting Yve. 

To which he replied that he had a prior girlfriend that he wanted to marry; it got as far as him going to meet her parents; however that relationship ended because he did not have money.

Another one of Yve’s friends asked Mohamed the dreaded question about age. She asked him what he thought about Yve when he found out her age, and Mohamed said, “she’s still pretty.”

Although the question about age was dreadful, the follow-up question was worse. 

Mohamed is asked very personal and intimate questions about his sex life

Yve’s friend asked Mohamed if he had ever been intimate with any other women. 

Mohamed said that he had never been intimate with any other woman, then Yve’s friend felt the need to clarify her meaning of “intimate.” 

She further went on to ask if he had ever had sex or made out or even kissed another woman aside from Yve. 

All to which Mohamed consistently answered, “no.” 

Viewers could quickly tell that Mohamed was beginning to get upset with the rapid-fire questioning, especially when the question of p**n came into play. 

Mohamed was asked how he knew what to do with Yve sexually, if he had never been intimate with anyone before her and if he had never watched p**n. 

Mohamed responded that he just knew and left it at that. 

Although Mohamed was laughing along with her friends, he was also very uncomfortable with all of the questioning. 

He told the camera crew, “In Egypt, no one, never, would ask this kind of questions. I don’t want to be here, but I’m doing that for Yve. I don’t want Yve to get upset, but it’s very difficult.”

Despite Mohamed being extremely uncomfortable with the level of questioning he was receiving from Yve’s friends, he was doing it for the woman he loves to make her happy. 

Hopefully, Mohamed will not have to face any more tough inappropriate questioning from Yve’s friends in the near future. 

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays on TLC at 8/7c

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1 year ago

Her group of friends as well as her, are some of the rudest people I’ve seen on this show. Mohamed is a Muslim and they all know it, therefore they should respect it and shut their mouths, about something they have no business talking about with him in the first place!

1 year ago
Reply to  MamaD79

Why is a 48 year old woman allowing a 25 year old man to control her? Yve is extremely insecure & needs to drop this loser and let him find a woman whom will allow me to control her or adhere to his Muslim traditions.