90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Jibri’s mom questions Miona’s lifestyle

Jibri's mom is starting to question Miona's lifestyle.
Jibri’s mom is starting to question Miona and her intentions. Pic credit: 90DayFiance/YouTube

The mother of 90 Day Fiance star Jibri Bell is gaining a little bit of popularity from fans of the show.

In a sneak peek episode of 90 Day Fiance, fans got a glimpse into what Jibri’s mother thinks of Miona.

Jibri’s mom disagrees with Miona’s lifestyle

90 Day Fiance star Jibri has taken the plunge and officially made Miona his fiance

Although Miona is still in another country, she will soon be moving to the states. 

Jibri still lives with his parents, so there has been a little dispute between the family about Miona and her soon-to-be living arrangements. 

Jibri’s mother stated her fears for Jibri, as she is only basing her opinion of Miona on what she has seen on Miona’s social media profiles. 

She believes that Miona dresses a little bit too risque and very provocative, and she is fearful that Miona will not abide by the family rules in the house. 

Jibri’s mother is also fearful that Miona will not respect the household to make everyone feel comfortable. 

Some fans believe that Jibri’s mother is too critical of her because she judges a book by its cover

90 Day Fiance fans are on opposite sides

Many fans believe that Jibri’s mother should not be so critical of Miona before she has a chance to meet her. 

One fan commented, “With all due respect, it seems to me that his mum is judging Miona based only on what she sees on her Instagram photos. Judging a book by its cover without knowing the contents.”

Fans believe Jibri's mom is judging Miona too quickly.
Pic credit: 90DayFiance/YouTube

However, some fans agree with Jibri’s mother in her position, as they feel that it is only right for Miona to respect the household and try to make things run smoothly.

One fan commented, “I get what she means. Miona needs to respect the rules of the house. If Miona disrespects your mom, then I think you know that you can’t truly have a relationship with her. Look at what happened with Colt and Larissa. Homie, you don’t know Miona either. Stop playing.” 

Some fans feel Miona needs to respect the rules of the house.
Pic credit: 90DayFiance/YouTube

An additional fan commented, “His mom is so right. If you’re a guest in someone’s house, be respectful and make them comfortable. That is how you get your partners or whoever’s parents or family members to like you and respect you. Just like those saying goes around, “respect others to get respect from people around you.”

Some fans are fully supportive of Jibri's mother and her thoughts about Miona.
Pic credit: 90DayFiance/YouTube

Jibri and his mother have much to go over before Miona’s arrival, however viewers will have to tune in to next week’s episode to see how it all unfolds.

90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays on TLC at 8/7c.

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