90 Day Fiance spoiler: Here’s proof that Season 9 couple Kara and Guillermo are married

Kara Bass and Guillermo Rojer
Proof that 90 Day Fiance couple Kara Bass and Guillermo Rojer got married has surfaced. Pic credit: TLC

Evidence that new 90 Day Fiance couple Kara Bass and Guillermo Rojer are married has surfaced just as viewers have begun to watch their journey on the show.

The proof that Kara and Guillermo successfully went through with tying the knot despite their issues came from Kara’s friend’s Instagram post.

The post featured Kara and several of her friends together at what might have been a watch party for the premiere of Season 9.

In the caption, Kara’s friend called Guillermo Kara’s “husband” and talked about the couple’s wedding coming at the end of the season.

Proof confirms that 90 Day Fiance couple Kara Bass and Guillermo Rojer are married

A major spoiler has been released about 90 Day Fiance couple Kara and Guillermo through Kara’s friend’s post on Instagram.

The post depicted Kara standing next to five other women with smiles on their faces.

In the caption, Kara’s friend wrote, “Had a ton of fun @90dayfiance ‘s premier of Kara and her husbands’ journey of their engagement to wedding.”


Guillermo was not pictured or tagged in the photo, but 90 Day viewers now know that Kara and Guillermo’s tumultuous time on the show will inevitably end in marriage.

Kara and Guillermo will struggle with their age difference and trust issues, and they will have several big fights this season.

There is proof that another 90 Day Fiance couple is married and has been for years

An article from June 2020 just surfaced where Jibri and Miona were interviewed. The report’s premise was to highlight Jibri’s move to Serbia in the wake of him feeling unsafe in America due to the murder of George Floyd.

In the article, Miona is referred to as Jibri’s wife. Jibri confirms that sentiment by saying, “My wife’s Serbian, and my life’s Serbian, and everything Serbian to me is right.”

The other suspicious piece of evidence that points to Miona and Jibri’s already established marriage lies in Miona’s Instagram handle, where she is @mionabell.

It’s possible that more Season 9 spoilers could be spoiled by the cast or their friends this season, but there is so much to learn about each couple’s journey by watching the show.

90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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