90 Day Fiance: Shaeeda has a good reason for why Bilal did not bring flowers for her at the airport

Bilal Hazziez and Shaeeda
Shaeeda Sween gave a reason why Bilal Hazziez did not bring her flowers to the airport. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance fans have grown used to seeing the American cast members bring flowers to the airport when they greet their foreign partners.

With that said, Season 9 viewers noticed that Bilal did not have flowers for Shaeeda when she arrived, and apparently, there was a reason for that.

Shaeeda shared a throwback video from when Bilal came to meet her for the first time in Trinidad and brought her flowers. In the caption of her post, Shaeeda let 90 Day fans know that she hated flowers because they reminded her of something negative.

Shaeeda Sween reveals the reason why Bilal Hazziez did not bring her flowers at the airport

Shaeeda treated 90 Day Fiance fans on Instagram to a throwback video from when Bilal first went down to Trinidad to meet her. In the video, she was holding flowers and smiling as Bilal talked to the camera about being on the island with Shaeeda.

In the post’s caption, Shaeeda addressed the fact that Bilal did not bring her flowers or anything sentimental when he went to get her at the airport in America.

Shaeeda wrote, “Throwback video- 2 years ago when Bilal came to Trinidad, he brought me flowers (bouquet emoji). Little doesn’t he know that I HATE flowers. When he flew back to the USA, he continued to surprise me with more flowers being sent to my home – Then I decided to tell him nicely that I am not a flower nor chocolate type of girl. Hence why when I came to America at the airport in KC, he had no flowers.”

She finished her point by saying, “Hate flowers (flower emoji). It reminds me of a funeral wreath.”

Bilal Hazziez’s prank on Shaeeda Sween did not sit well with 90 Day Fiance viewers

Bilal decided to pull a prank on Shaeeda to test her reaction. The prank involved picking her up in a messy utility van and bringing her to his run-down family home and passing them both off as his own.

His aim was to gauge Shaeeda’s motives and assure himself that she was not with him for the lavish lifestyle he presents himself to actually have.

Bilal’s prank has not gone over on Shaeeda well, but viewers have seen her try to make the most of it still not knowing that he has been pranking her.

Viewers reacted negatively to Bilal’s prank on social media and have been roasting him with memes and posts.

90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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