90 Day Fiance: Sam Wilson and Citra Herani reveal details about their wedding

90 Day Fiance couple, Sam Wilson and Citra Herani.
Sam Wilson and Citra Herani. Pic Credit: @cswlsn/Instagram

Diehard fans of 90 Day Fiance have much to celebrate when it comes to true love!

Sam Wilson and Citra Herani just opened up about the official details of their wedding day.

The couple is featured on Season 10 of 90 Day Fiance on TLC.

This reality TV show is designed to shed light on long-distance couples finally coming together to see if they can make a marriage work within 90 days.

Sam and Citra first met on a dating app before agreeing to star on 90 Day Fiance to show the world a glimpse of their love story.

These are the details about their gorgeous farmhouse wedding.

All about Sam Wilson and Citra Herani’s wedding

One hugely important detail for Sam and Citra regarding their wedding is that they wanted to be surrounded by the people they cared for most.

Citra told People, “We wanted an intimate wedding with both of our families in attendance so we could feel supported and celebrate with our loved ones.

“We were so happy that both of our parents were able to attend and left their own religious beliefs to the side to celebrate our union wholeheartedly.”

They made their dreams come true by flying her family members in from Indonesia. Her family arrived in Missouri, where Sam’s family already resides.

The Missouri-based wedding took place at a farmhouse with a rustic and elegant ambiance.

Although the couple admitted that planning the wedding was highly stressful, they also note that it’s nothing they regret.

Sam‘s brother was the officiant and Citra’s mother was the one who gave her away.

As far as their outfits go, Sam dawned a simple black suit with a red tie. Citra wore a solid white gown with a simple train attached in the back. The classic-looking dress was strapless and formfitting.

The couple stuck with an American menu for the wedding, including a three-tier vanilla wedding cake.

Now that the wedding has officially taken place, their plans for the future include purchasing a modern home together.

Citra Herani reveals more details on Instagram

Citra took to Instagram to share details and photo memories from her wedding day with Sam.

She’s been met with tons of love and support from 90 Day Fiance viewers in her comment section.

In one photo thread, Citra shared several loved-up pictures with Sam in their wedding day attire.

In another post, she uploaded an Instagram Reel highlighting the details of their long-distance relationship from the very start.

Season 10 of 90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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1 month ago

I thought Citra’s mother was dead and didn’t her father walk her down the aisle.