90 Day Fiance: Robert reveals that he doesn’t want more kids but what about Anny?

Robert on 90 Day Fiance
Robert was asked if he wants more kids. Pic credit: TLC

Robert and Anny have been making plenty of waves as we get deeper into Season 7 of 90 Day Fiance. Each week, it seems like we learn something new about them, with the big reveal that Robert has five kids and four baby mamas being the latest big shocker.

So naturally, when Robert decided to host an Instagram Q&A session, he was asked a lot of questions about his kids. There were questions about when he sees them and how involved he really is. We even learned that Robert’s oldest is 19 Then, someone asked him if he wanted more kids.

One follower asked Robert about Bryson’s mom and where she was as well.

With all the outcry after Robert’s confession that he has so many kids and even more shocking, that he has so many baby mamas, 90 Day Fiance fans might be happy to hear what he had to say.

It turns out that Robert doesn’t want more children. When asked about it, he responded “No!!!!”

Robert talked about his kids and if he wants more in an Instagram Q&A
Robert revealed whether he wanted more kids or not. Pic credit: @robert90Days7/Instagram

That’s probably a good thing and knowing that Robert won’t be growing his family any bigger will likely make 90 Day Fiance fans happy. But we can’t help wonder about Anny. Does she want kids?

So far, Anny’s arrival in the United States has been a bumpy one. From her disappointment that Robert “doesn’t keep his promises” because he didn’t buy her an iPhone or a wardrobe full of designer clothing to her recent confrontation with Bryson’s grandma, many don’t think she’ll stay with Robert for long.

But if they do stay together, is Anny going to want kids? She’s only 30 years old now and doesn’t have any children of her own that we know of.

Anny did move to Florida to be with Robert with the understanding that she would help raise his son Bryson, but it wouldn’t be too surprising if Robert’s stance on having more children became a problem.

And we still don’t know if Anny is doing anything to prevent pregnancy. She refused to answer when Bryson’s grandma Stephanie Woodcock aka Diamond Foxxx asked her what kind of birth control she was using.

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