90 Day Fiance recap: Ketchup to my mustard

Bilal Hazziez, Emily, and Kara Bass
90 Day Fiance viewers watched the premiere episode of Season 9. Pic credit: TLC

The premiere of Season 9 of the flagship TLC show 90 Day Fiance introduced viewers to four out of the seven couples that will be featured this season.

90 Day fans got to learn about the different couples’ situations and get a glimpse into some of their relationship concerns and hardships.

Some of the difficulties in the 90 Day Fiance relationships were presented

Kara, a balloon garland maker and self-proclaimed, “Jill of all trades,” met Venezuelan native Guillermo in the Dominican Republic where he immigrated and where she was for work.

Guillermo and Kara met after he offered her tequila shots while he was working and she was with a colleague. They hit it off from there. Kara relocated to the Dominican Republic for work and moved in with Guillermo and got engaged.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Kara and Guillermo have spent the last year apart while they awaited the K-1 visa. Now that it has been approved, the only things standing in their way are Kara’s fears of their age difference and Guillermo’s expired Venezuelan passport.

Jibri is an eccentric musician from South Dakota who met his Serbian fiancee Miona when his punk/electronic band was touring in Serbia.

He was not looking for a relationship at the time they met but the two have been dating ever since. Jibri is currently living at his parent’s house and that is where he and Miona will be living. Jibri wants to stay in South Dakota for up to twelve months so they can save money but Miona hates the idea.

Jibri’s mom did not have a good impression of Miona because of the way she dressed and the fact that she called Jibri stupid while she could hear their conversation.

Jibri and his mom
Jibri and his mom clashed on expectations for Miona’s arrival and acclimation. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance viewers heard about the anxieties of some of the couples

Bilal is an OCD real estate investor who responded to Trinidadian Shaeeda’s DM on social media. They are both Muslim and 38-year-old Shaeeda has never been married while Bilal is divorced with two kids but maintains a good relationship with his ex-wife.

Bilal has not let Shaeeda see any parts of his house because he wants to make sure that she is not with him for what he has. To that end, he plans to pull a prank on Shaeeda when she arrives by taking her to his run-down family home and passing it off as his house to test her reaction.

Aside from that, Bilal does not want to have any more children while Shaeeda desperately wants her first child.

Shaeeda and Bilal
Bilal and Shaeeda talked about their hope for the future. Pic credit: TLC

Emily, who used to be a carefree party girl, is from a small town in Kansas and has traveled the world a bit. When she was teaching English in China, she met Cameroonian underwear model Kobe and they hooked up that night. They were inseparable from that point but things changed when Emily found out she was pregnant.

Kobe was excited and the two made plans for Kobe to come to America for the birth of his son Koban. After his visitor’s visa was denied, Kobe missed the birth of their son and he and Emily decided to file for the K-1 visa.

It has finally been approved 17 months after Koban was born and Kobe will be moving into Emily’s family’s house. Emily revealed to her family that Kobe opened a cafe in Cameroon four months ago which made his family question Kobe’s intentions and financial situation.

Emily also revealed that her father had been mostly financially supporting her and Koban and would also have to support Kobe when he arrived.

Season 9 of 90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8 pm ET on TLC and Discovery+.

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