90 Day Fiance: Pregnant Kara Bass in crop top and overalls shows off her ‘mom whip’

90 Day Fiance star Kara Bass in crop top and overalls shows off her mom whip.
Kara Bass shows off her new Tesla. Pic credit: @karaleona/Instagram

Kara Bass has a lot to celebrate as she patiently waits for her baby boy or girl to arrive, but now she’s excited about her new “mom whip.”

The 90 Day Fiance star and her husband, Guillermo Rojer, had some fun in a video posted on social media as they showed off Kara’s brand-new car.

The pregnant mama was stylishly dressed in overalls as she busted a move in the excitement of having her new ride ready for when Baby Rojer arrives.

Kara rocked a white crop top underneath her denim overalls paired with black sneakers with her sleek bob in a half-up style.

Guillermo wore black jeans and a plaid shirt with matching beige sneakers as he joined his wife outside where the new car was parked.

“Mom whip in full effect,” Kara captioned the Instagram post.

90 Day Fiance star Kara Bass shows off her ‘mom whip’

The pregnant 90 Day Fiance star, who is now eight months along, will be driving her first baby around in fine style very soon.

Kara has officially upgraded to a new white Tesla, and she did a happy dance with Guillermo in celebration.

The happy couple shared a sweet kiss after dancing around the car, which was on display in the parking lot surrounded by fall leaves.

In one instance, Guillermo lifted his pregnant wife in his arms, and when he put her down, they gave each other a high five.

Kara Bass gets bashed for buying a Tesla

The pregnant 90 Day Fiance star got a slew of comments after showing off her new mom whip– which is quite similar to the black Tesla Thais Ramone got recently.

Other TLC stars celebrated Kara’s achievement and showed her some love in the comments after she posted the vehicle on Instagram.

“Love it!!!” wrote Emily Bieberly.

“Wooohoooo!!!!!! ???,” added Jibri Bell.

Yve Arellano also wrote, “Congrats @karaleona ❤️?❤️??.”

TLC star congratulate Kara Bass on her new car.
Pic credit: @karaleaona/Instagram

However, many people in the comments were not too happy about Kara’s choice of car and they made that known.

“Terrible choice ???” wrote one commenter.

“As someone who built Teslas, take it back QUICK,” added someone else.

90 Day Fiance viewers bash Kara Bass for buying a Tesla.
Pic credit: @karaleaona/Instagram

One person wrote, “A Tesla.. as a ‘mom whip’? Girl, go get something RELIABLE ?‍♀️.”

“I saw three car fires in the last month and a half all Teslas you might want to rethink that purchase,” noted another Instagram user.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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