90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk brothers Tarik Myers and Dean Hashim seem to be beefing

Tarik Myers and Dean Hashim on 90 Day Fiance Pillow Talk
Tarik Myers and Dean Hashim seem to have had a falling out. Pic credit: TLC

Is this the real reason for Tarik Myers and Dean Hashim’s absence on 90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk? It seems that there has been some drama between the two brothers.

On the heels of the explosive back and forth between Dean and Before the 90 Days’ Tim Malcolm, Tarik shared a post to Instagram with a shocking caption. Tarik posted a video of Jeannie Mai and Jeezy, then compared himself and Hazel to the celebrity couple.

Tarik wrote, “When family lies on you, smiles in ya face but stabs you in the back, fux up the bag, blocks you and your girl without warning but on social media acts like y’all still kool so he won’t lose his IG following….Me and Hazel be just like Jeezy and Jeannie.”

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Is there anyone else that Tarik could have been talking about aside from his brother Dean?

Tarik’s Instagram shade came just hours after Tim Malcolm and Dean Hashim traded barbs on Instagram. Tim, tired of hearing Dean talk about his “apology,” came out with guns blazing and made it clear that he wants Dean to shut up.

Tim’s profanity-laced rant took aim at Dean, telling him that the powers that be did talk to him about what Dean said and that it was Tim who “begged” them to spare Dean’s job.

Dean quickly responded, telling Tim, “I love everybody… gay, straight, black, white. Everybody! But I don’t love you cuz you’re full of s**t.”

It sounds like he’s really sorry.

After Tarik made his post to Instagram, it got us curious about what could be going on between the brothers. A few theories are floating around as to why they may or may not have had a falling out. So far, nothing has been confirmed.

What is clear is that Tarik and Dean do not follow each other on Instagram. In fact, Tarik only follows Hazel and no one else. There are also no pictures or posts about Dean on Tarik’s page, even on posts about Pillow Talk, further proving that there may be a growing rift between the brothers.

Meanwhile, Dean Hashim claims he’s not done with the 90 Day Fiance franchise yet. He’s teased several times that he’s filming something, and it sounds like he and his fiancee may be getting a spot on one of the spinoffs.

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