90 Day Fiance: Natalie Mordovtseva keeps positive attitude after failed marriage with Mike Youngquist

90 Day Fiance: Mike Youngquist - Natalie Mordovtseva
90 Day Fiance stars Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva allegedly split after less than a year of marriage. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance stars Natalie Mordovtseva and Mike Youngquist continue to confuse fans with their relationship status. Following their canceled wedding on the show, rumors emerged that they did end up getting married.

However, the happy news didn’t last long as the couple is now rumored to have broken up again. Although the two have yet to confirm nor deny the supposed split, their actions on social media suggest it’s true.

90 Day Fiance: Natalie Mordovtseva and Mike Youngquist split still fresh?

Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva allegedly ended up marrying each other despite their relationship’s toxic nature, as seen on the show. The 90 Day Fiance celebs reportedly patched things up and managed to push through with the wedding on April 15, 2020.

But their wedded bliss doesn’t seem to last long as they allegedly separated yet again. Uncle Beau supposedly exposed Mike and Natalie’s real status to a fan. He claimed that the two got married but are no longer together. He also clarified that the former couple has no baby, contrary to reports.

Speaking to In Touch Weekly, Bojangles confirmed the 90 Day Fiance stars’ split, and he seems on board with it. “She has not been home for a couple of months now. She can stay away for all I care,” Uncle Beau said.

Interestingly, a photo of Natalie with Uncle Beau and Tamara taken last January surfaced online. The trio appeared happy as they traveled to Seattle together to get tested for COVID-19 prior to filming for the show, most likely the Tell All episode. This suggests that things were still okay at least a couple months ago and that the split is still relatively new.

Natalie keeps a postive attitude amid rumors of short-lived marriage

Natalie Mordovtseva remains mum about her supposed split from Mike Youngquist less than a year after they got married. The 90 Day Fiance star has yet to directly address the issue and seems to avoid it as much as possible.

Still, she made it clear that she’s keeping a positive attitude amid her controversial short-lived marriage. Natalie took to Instagram around the same time rumors of her split surfaced online.

The 90 Day Fiance shared a cryptic post, suggesting that she’s still saddened by the unfortunate fate of her marriage with Mike. “[Another] day will cover all my sadness,” Natalie captioned a stunning photo of herself. “And wishing everyone the same.”

90 Day Fiance: Where is Natalie now?

Many are now wondering if Natalie Mordovtseva is still the U.S. The 90 Day Fiance star recently launched her YouTube channel and her videos suggest she’s not in Sequim anymore.

There were claims that Natalie is currently living in Seattle but that is yet to be confirmed. It’s likely that she’s still in America since she legally married Mike. It’s unclear if she intends to stay in the country for good or if she plans on returning to Ukraine.

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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Marta Klaskala
Marta Klaskala
1 year ago

I am sad and worried about Natalie M.’s future, I hope she can stay in America. She should come to Florida, there is a huge number of successful Russians living in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Tampa. She can find a good job and fall in love again. I wish her the best, she is a very special lady!!!