90 Day Fiance: Larissa Lima reflects on arrest from three years ago in latest social media post

Larissa Lima
Larissa Lima reflected on her arrest from three years ago and how 90 Day Fiance fans’ opinions have changed of her. Pic credit: TLC

Larissa Lima’s short-lived marriage to Colt Johnson on 90 Day Fiance was full of volatility and Larissa incurred three separate domestic violence charges against her.

Since it has been three years since her last arrest, she reflected on that tumultuous time in her life and how hurtful it feels for her to know she was more popular when she was at her lowest.

Larissa talked about how times have changed for her as she has moved on from the issues of her past and has become financially independent. She claims she is finding 90 Day critics to feel threatened by the success she has with OnlyFans and with growing her brand.

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Larissa Lima opened up about her arrest from three years ago

Larissa discussed her arrest from three years ago and talked about how 90 Day Fiance fans’ perceptions have changed of her since she left the franchise and became financially independent.

Larissa used a risque photo of herself in lingerie to showcase her caption that read, “Yesterday was 3 years since my arrest, and how things have changed. ‘Larissa! I’m going to unfollow you because of the photos you post’. ‘Omg! She’s gone too far!I can’t look at her Instagram anymore.’ Funny fact : I was better liked when at my lowest in life.”

She then made the point, “When I was depressed, unhappy, and always fighting with people, I was to some adored. They called me their spirit animal and cheered me on with love and encouragement to keep going. People started to be offended by me making money, buying a home in Brazil, and be financially independent.”

She continued, “I’m very well paid on 0nl¥fans and one of the best creators out there. MANY people started on the same venture, but not everyone could keep their business up like I did. It’s a path in life that you can’t try to hide. So, I never hid it. I do what I want to do, and I own it.”

She finished by saying, “I’m not going to stop to posting what I want to keep the judgemental people entertained. If I offend you, I’m very happy you unfollow me. For those happy for my accomplishments, who support my 0nl¥fans, and see me happy and drama free: you are a wonderful community, and I’m so blessed to see you on my feed.”

Larissa Lima plans on leaving Las Vegas

Larissa is not only tired of the dating pool in Las Vegas, but also the lifestyle, motivations, and attitudes of the people living there.

She recently said that she wants to live in a remote place like Maine but would also be open to living in Washington D.C. She followed that up by saying that she could work from anywhere doing OnlyFans but is definitely over her life in Las Vegas.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus.

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