90 Day Fiance: Kobe Blaise dishes out his weekly dose of inspiration

Kobe Blaise encourages his fans in latest social media video.
Kobe Blaise shares an encouraging message with his fans. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance star Kobe Blaise is back with another inspiring message for his fans and social media followers.

Each week, Kobe shares a short video where he tells a story to motivate others to live their best lives while remaining hopeful and encouraged.

Kobe’s most recent message focused on having possessions and deciding if it’s worth trying so hard to accumulate material things in this life.

He started his video as he usually does, by showing gratitude for being alive and well. He tells his fans they are also blessed to be alive and encourages them to reflect on that idea.

He then went on to talk about a video he watched of an older man discussing the things he has acquired in his lifetime and all the things he still wants before he dies.

This led Kobe to begin questioning if having a lot of stuff is important in life or not. As he continued to share the older man’s story, Kobe attempted to get his fans thinking about what truly matters in life.

Kobe Blaise shares inspiring message with fans

As the video continues, Kobe says that when we’re born, we enter the world without possessions and spend so much of our lives working to gain them, only to leave those things behind when we die.

Kobe shared his reflections on the topic, saying he sometimes wonders if the struggle to gain possessions is really necessary. He then seeks feedback from his followers, asking them in his caption, “Is it really worth fighting for something sometimes, What are [your] thoughts?”

With his previous posts, Kobe has become known for dishing out thought-provoking questions and getting his fans to ponder on important topics. With his recent post, he continued that trend, hoping to get his followers to focus on what’s really important in life.

Kobe Blaise is enjoying fatherhood

While on 90 Day Fiance, fans saw Kobe meet his son, Koban, for the first time over a year after he was born. Kobe was excited to bond with his son and immediately jumped into his role as a father.

Shortly after arriving in America, Kobe and his wife, Emily, revealed they were expecting their second child. Emily gave birth to their daughter, Scarlett, before the Tell All episode.

As a father of two, Kobe has proudly shown off his kids on social media and is never shy about sharing their milestones with his fans. He now has a job and works to provide for his family. Kobe says he enjoys being a husband and a father and just wants to give his kids a great life in America.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus.

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