90 Day Fiance: Julia shared hilarious video of Brandon trolling her

Brandon and Julia outside
Brandon made fun of some of Julia’s memorable quirks from 90 Day Fiance in a recent video alongside her. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance alumni couple Brandon and Julia are active on social media and known for their creative and funny content on their platforms. That fact was apparent in a recent video Julia posted where Brandon was trolling her work tendencies on the farm and her now-infamous dancing job interview.

The video features Julia attempting to feed the farm animals in Brandon’s parents’ barn in high heels when Brandon suddenly peeks in and tells her she is not giving them the right food. Brandon turns out to also be wearing heels.

The video seems to be making fun of Julia’s notorious dislike of farm duties and feeding the animals, as well as her job interview scene from Season 6 of Happily Ever After? where she mistook what the hiring manager wanted from the interview audition.

Julia Trubkina released a comical video of Brandon Gibbs trolling her quirky 90 Day Fiance moments

Julia shared a video on Instagram where she feeds the animals in a barn while wearing impractical high heels. Then Brandon’s head appears at the door of the barn and says, “Julia, what the hell are you doing? Seriously? That’s not the right food, move over.”

He followed his question up by walking out from behind the barn door wearing high heels himself. He struggled to precariously walk over the food and then bent down in a hilarious motion to scoop food out of a bin.

The video then shows bloopers of Brandon trying to walk in the heels and Julia laughing hysterically at him.

90 Day Fiance fans can find Julia Trubkina and Brandon Gibbs on Pillow Talk: The Other Way

Julia and Brandon may have solidified their continued appearance within the 90 Day Fiance franchise by being cast onto Pillow Talk. They give commentary and opinions as they watch the latest episodes of The Other Way.

There are many viewers who are not happy about their roles on the spinoff and who would have preferred that TLC bring back OG Pillow Talk couples like David and Anny in their place. Julia has rubbed 90 Day viewers the wrong way in the past for coming off as brattish and insensitive.

Julia also made her way onto this season of 90 Day Bares All where she took the stage alongside 90 Day villain Angela Deem where their close friendship was revealed to viewers.

90 Day Bares All Season 2 airs Sundays on Discovery+.

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