90 Day Fiance: Jon Walters slams former friend Geoffrey Paschel, speaks out against domestic abuse

90 Day Fiance star Jon Walters met his wife Rachel singing on a karaoke app. Pic credit: jonjwalters/Instagram

Jon Walters has spoken out against his former 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days co-star, Geoffrey Paschel.

While the two weren’t on the same season, the pair were friends. However, it’s clear things have changed since Geoffrey’s recent convictions.

After being found guilty of domestic assault and the aggravated kidnapping of his ex-fiancee, a judge in Tenessee ordered Paschel to spend 18 years behind bars without any possibility of parole.

Jon recently shared his reaction to the ruling of his fellow 90 Day Fiance alum and slammed his friend on his recent sentencing.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Jon Walters slams former friend Geoffrey Paschel

Playing Bay City Rollers’, Bye Bye Baby, in the background, the England native called out Geoffrey in a viral video posted to Instagram.

“Just read Geoffrey Pashcel got sentenced to 18 years. Bye C**t,” Walters wrote as his caption.

“Hey, you remember Geoffrey? Handsome, charming, lovely, domestic abuser, kidnapper, and 911 call interferer,” the 36-year-old began in his video. “Well, he just got 18 years for what he did. So I’d just like to say on behalf of me and everybody who f*****g hates domestic abusers, domestic violence… goodbye.”

Not holding back any reservations toward Geoffrey, the Before the 90 Days star also shared a clip of what he said was Geoffrey giving a “compelling and emotional address to the court before sentencing asking for mercy.”

Adding a Pinocchio nose to suggest the Tennessee native was fibbing, Walters took to the comment section to solidify his views.

Viewers call out Jon Walters for not showing any remorse for Geoffrey Paschel despite his own criminal background

When someone called him out for having a criminal background of his own, he shot back, “I protected my gf and people got hurt. Not the same as beating and tormenting my exs and shame on you for the false equivalence.”

Pic credit: @jonjwalters/Instagram

In response to another comment, Jon agreed that people can change but he emphasized that individuals still have a responsibility to pay their debts, which in Geoffrey’s case is 18 years in prison.

Giving his view that it’s inappropriate to start discussing second chances so soon, he added, “The guy torments literally everyone he was in a relationship and abused every single one. Except Varya whom he met a month after the last attack.”

Pic credit: @jonjwalters/Instagram

We reported yesterday how Varya Malina posted about her mental health in the wake of Geoffrey’s sentencing.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs on Sundays on TLC and Discovery+.

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