90 Day Fiance: Jenny is ’embarrassed’ after Sumit shut down ‘proposal’ and gave her back her ring

Jenny Slatten
Jenny gets rejected when she tries to give Sumit a ring. Pic credit: TLC

Remember that ring Jenny Slatten bought before she returned to India again to be with Sumit Singh? It’s about to make an appearance on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

On the latest episode of the TLC hit, Jenny is giddy in love and she’s ready to make sure that everyone knows that Sumit is claimed.

But her promise proposal got awkward when Sumit shut her down and gave the ring back.

Jenny and Sumit are giddy after making love

Get ready to learn some things about Jenny and Sumit that absolutely could have been left unsaid.

In the latest The Other Way clip, Jenny and Sumit are laying in bed together, both of them giddy with Sumit commenting on how he liked it.

Then cut to Jenny in the confessional and she’s spilling all the tea on what it’s like to “be intimate with the man that you love.”

Feeling confident, Jenny stakes her claim on Sumit, who still happens to be married to another woman.

“He’s my man. He’s my Sumit,” she says with a big grin.

Back to Jenny and Sumit in bed where she says, “It was amazing baby.”

Sumit, still in the afterglow, says, “Making love was passionate.”

And then, Sumit shares the most unnecessary, TMI detail about his sex life with Jenny.

“Now she can totally dominate dominating like kind of thing,” he explains. “That’s what I like.”

Sumit bursts Jenny’s love bubble

The good times didn’t last too long because Jenny, in the moment, decided it was time to pull out that ring that she bought when she was in the U.S.

She didn’t call it a proposal but it’s pretty obvious that Jenny is ready to put her mark on her man.

When Jenny first told Sumit she had a gift for him, he saw the jewelry box and immediately suggested it must be a watch. And when it became clear what Jenny was about to do, things got really awkward fast.

While Sumit really seemed to appreciate Jenny’s gift, he told her that he can’t accept it. After all, can he even legally get engaged while he’s still married to another woman? They better be careful not to break any more laws before he can get that divorce.

And while Sumit’s reason for turning down Jenny’s ring was actually pretty understandable, that didn’t stop her from getting upset about the rejection. Jenny explained that she felt so embarrassed that Sumit wasn’t willing to rock her “promise” ring as he tries to navigate a relationship with her, repair all the damage to the relationship with his parents, and pay off his wife’s family so they’ll let him off the hook.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC. 

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